Walking a golf course and then some

Curt and I drove down to Monterey on Friday night.

That’s one of the great things about our life and lifestyle … our friend Tag, who is a professional golfer, texted Curt on Monday night asking if he should save tickets for us for the weekend. Before I hit the sack we had decided that yes, we would come.

Walking a golf course is challenging and there is a lot of standing around, too.

The first time I ever walked a golf course was probably 2006 and I was about 30 pounds heavier than I am now. That was the first time I met Tag and am now happy to be a regular supporter.

According to Swifty, Tag’s caddie, Pebble Beach is about 6 miles. Tag teed off on Hole 10, which meant Curt and I had to walk all the way in … and Tag’s last hole was 9 … Yea, so we did a lot of walking.

Besides the challenge of walking the course there is also a lot of temptation with food and booze. I also have to be careful and try to maintain decent water intake while being in the sun and drinking and walking.

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Walking 18 holes

This weekend Curt and I along with his parents, Ed and Marilyn, headed down to Monterey to watch family friend Tag Ridings play some golf.

On Friday we watched him play at Spyglass Hill. We walked 16 of the 18 holes. We took a break for lunch and we decided to not walk the major hilly part.

On Saturday Tag played the Pebble Beach course. He started on the 10th hole. So we walked in and met him to see him tee off. Since Tag started on 10 he ended on the 9th hole. We did a lot of walking yesterday. Luckily we were sort of his entourage and got to piggyback on a shuttle ride back with him and his wife, Brenda. That was really nice of them to let us tag along so we didn’t have to walk all the way back. My feet were pretty tired after two days of lots of hilly walking. I feel my buns of steal forming already.

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