Making a green choice while away from home

When I checked into my hotel in Dallas on Friday evening I was given a choice to decline regular house keeping for environmental reasons.

There is a reward of points to decline. Frankly, I don’t need points to agree to that.

I don’t make my bed every day. And I don’t need anyone else making it.

(A note: I do make my bed when we have company over. I don’t want people thinking I am messy or anything. And I feel when you invite people to your home it should be clean and welcoming. But as a kid I had to make my bed every day so I guess this is my adult rebellion to not regularly make it. And, really, what’s the point?)

And I really don’t need clean sheets on my bed every single day. I don’t do that at home. How many people do?

At home we also don’t use a towel once and then throw in the hamper. So why have that when staying at a hotel?

Wow, what a waste of so many resources with washing sheets and towels and replacing every single day.

And with all of that washing things get worn out and … Continue reading

Going green by reducing, reusing, recycling

I consider myself environmentally conscious and environmentally friendly. Nothing extreme. I just try to be aware.

When I first moved to Oregon recycling was a big deal. And dividing each item was important as well: cardboard; paper; brown glass; green glass; etc. At the apartment complex I first lived in there were bins for each item. It made it easy to recycle.

When Curt and I first moved to the Phoenix area we lived in a townhouse. There was no recycling onsite. We bought our own bins and recycled glass and cans. About once a month we took all the stuff to a recycling center.

Recycling in Berkeley is pretty strict. Pretty similar to how we had to do it in Oregon.

Curt and I recycle and compost. We also recycle batteries, CFL bulbs, turn in ewaste at designated drop-off locations.

I reuse plastic bags, including the produce bags. When we had Joey all those bags were great for cleaning the litterbox. Now I try to be even more conscious about using reusable bags and reusing the produce bags multiple times.

I carry a Chico bag in my purse in case I have an unexpected shopping trip. The bags … Continue reading