Taking care of our feet with yoga

As a yoga teacher I teach and practice the same sequence for a week (as many of my yoga teachers do).

The sequence I teach my students is the sequence I practice at home over the same week.

And I usually like to have a theme each week, whether it is an anatomical focus or types of poses, such as twists, low back, balancing poses, feet …

This week my focus is feet. Feet are the roots of our body.

As one of my yoga teachers says, you have to go down to go up. To me that means we have to feel strong and grounded in our feet and legs to grow in our standing poses, such as Tadasana (Mountain Pose).

We treat our feet so badly. We shove them into shoes that are too small, too narrow, too high, too flat, too pointy … We stand on them too long and not properly. We wear the wrong shoes while exercising. We wear shoes that don’t give us enough support or the right support.

About 77% of Americans have experienced some sort of foot pain, according to a survey done by the American Podiatric Medical Association.

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Life can be unstable & out of control

The opposite of instability is … not certainty … it’s faith.

Vickie was teaching that to us during our practice yesterday. I like it. And it makes sense.

We all have had at some point in our life instability and lack of control.

I bet most of my readers are experiencing some sort of instability right now.

One of the amazing things about yoga (and there are a lot of amazing things about the practice) is that you can apply regular life stuff to your practice and vice versa.

Yesterday morning we tried various poses while standing on yoga blocks (aka bricks).

It gave an interesting perspective to the poses. I found them slightly easier. But I definitely felt like I had more control. Control within the stability … who would have thought?

When our life is crazy and in chaos we just want something to control. So remember the things you can control and try to accept the things you can’t.

I had an interesting conversation with a woman at the gym tonight before class started. We were talking about things that make people feel grounded. For some it is cooking, practicing yoga, knitting, exercising, gardening.

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