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Infertility Awareness Month

Did you know October is National Infertility Awareness Month? Hello dear readers of Go Fit Girl!  I’m honored to be guest blogging today. I’m writing a post about how to be more Infertility Sensitive.  I’ve worked with many women who were suffering with infertility, and it’s not an easy road.  And when someone isn’t aware, […]

Diet & Relation to Metabolic Disorder, PCOS and Diabetes

September is PCOS Awareness Month! Today’s guest post is written by Dorothy Pang, the Natural Fertility Expert.  She’s a healthcare expert who’s helped hundreds of people to make healthier choices in their life, boosting their health, energy and fertility. You can read more information about her at the bottom of this post. What is PCOS?  […]

Researching ‘healthy’ fast food

        Guest Post: Jen I have to admit, even though I try to eat as healthfully as possible, I eat fast food on a pretty regular basis. Honestly, I simply like things that taste good — and I don’t like spending a lot of time on prep or cooking. But I have to say I […]

Holiday treat minus the fat, calories

                                    Guest Post: Alicia I have an addiction to Starbucks eggnog lattes.  They are delicious and every November I look forward to buying my first eggnog latte of the year.  I think part of the appeal is because it’s seasonal […]

Yoga questions with answers

Two of my readers, Jen and Regina, had some yoga questions for me. I punted them to Hilda, who has trained in yoga, is a yoga teacher and a yoga studio manager at the Yoga Connection. Jen’s first question: I work out hard all week with weights, treadmill and high-impact Zumba. I’d love to find a […]

Biscuits, sauces and blanching oh my!

So last year my dad went back to school … California Culinary Academy, that is. He started his own blog ¡Que Aprovecho! after he started school. He has also done a guest post or two for Go Fit Girl! Michael was also Go Fit Girl’s first Go Fit Boy! Well, on Monday my dad (aka Michael) […]

The 8-year lesson

Guest Post: Rob A lot of things can happen in eight years time. Brett Favre could retire, health care could be reformed or Lady Gaga could wear something normal–the point is, that’s kind of a long time! Still, it had been that long since my last check up or even a visit to a doctor […]

Cooking with oils

Guest Post: Michael, who is attending California Culinary Academy Steadily increasing American obesity notwithstanding, consumption of food with fat in it is a necessity. That means use of fat in the culinary arts is a necessity. Fat does many things in cooking, most of them good. “Fat is a good word,” Chef Dan Fluharty said […]

Comment Contest Tuesday

Instead of a guest post (mainly because I don’t have one) Comment Contest Tuesday is back for the new year. I am not a big new year’s resolution person because they generally don’t stick. But in the comments tell me something new you have started, want to start, are thinking about starting to becoming healthier […]

Healthy recipe sharing

Guest Post: Lisa Lisa shares an easy and healthy soup recipe. I had told Lisa that my garden vegetable soup was good and filling. But it has been getting a little old. So she shared another recipe with me. And now I am sharing it with you. I plan on making it this weekend. (I […]