Stop, sit and meditate

Many people I look up to and trust have been giving me the same message for some time now: Meditate.

One of the “jokes” in the yoga world is that when you don’t have time for yoga is when you need yoga. I believe the same applies for meditation.

Many of my yoga teachers make meditation part of their public classes. And they talk about its importance.

Mary, who is a teacher in my teacher training, is the main teacher focusing on meditation for my classmates and me.

In December for one Saturday class we focused on meditation and Mary had us do a homework project, which involved meditating 20-30 minutes a day for 10 days. I did the practice for the required time and once it was over I stopped meditating.

My therapist at some point asked to to start meditating. My resistance to it was that my yoga home practice time is limited and I don’t want to give half my time to meditation.

But then she told me something that hadn’t even occurred to me: you can meditate for one, two or three minutes. Once your life allows for a longer meditation you can meditate longer.

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