How many more lives have to be gunned down?

I grew up in the Wild West … well, Tucson, Ariz. I didn’t grow about around guns. And frankly, I have never been comfortable around them.

I am not a fan of the Second Amendment. And I think a lot of people misread its meaning.

I will be honest. Because of my ignorance I used to think anyone who had a gun was crazy.

Then I married into a midwest family. They hunt. (And this isn’t a debate on eating animals or not, eating organic or not … etc.)

I realized that there are smart and responsible people who own guns and use them appropriately and responsibly.

My family is responsible when it comes to using firearms. My nephews have been taught how to shoot a gun, how to carry a gun and how to hold a gun. The same .22 the nephews learned on so did their dad and their uncle and their grandpa.

There are people out there who should NOT own guns. Guess what? I’m one of them.

There are unstable, mentally ill, angry, crazy people who have easy access to guns and they should NOT, I repeat they should NOT own or have access to guns.

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