No excuses … Week 2

This past week was Week 2 back to healthy living.

It was a challenging week at work. I didn’t just work long hours, they were also intense hours.

I kept my gym bag packed and ready to go in the trunk every day.

Monday and Tuesday I worked long hours but was still able to muster enough energy to exercise on my own at the gym.

By the time Wednesday hit I didn’t get home until 8 and Thursday I was just spent.

I decided to listen to my body and take a break.

I still tried to maintain my healthy eating habits with a few cheats here and there.

But as we all know life happens and some things are beyond our control.

I did take yoga with Vickie this morning, which was what I needed physically and mentally.

But my dear friends and readers, Go Fit Girl! is still here. Just know that the posts may be minimal but I will back to normal soon. I have all sorts of ideas. I hope to share them with you soon.

Stay tuned.

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Something missing from your gym bag?

Every so often I forget to throw something in my gym bag. Usually nothing major. A towel on spin day. I can’t ride in class without a towel. So then I throw down a buck and “rent” a scratchy towel from the gym.

I think I forgot socks once or twice.

One time a work shirt. I had to come home. I didn’t feel right wearing my Curious George shirt, which I had worn to yoga one morning, to work even if it was Friday. So that day I had to drive home and grab my respectable work shirt. No biggie since I don’t live to far from work or the gym.

A time or two I have forgotten a real bra and had to wear my sports bra. Another lucky moment or two when I was wearing a bulky shirt or sweater to work–so it wasn’t noticeable.

This morning I put on my top to wear to work and realized I should have packed a black camisole tank top, too. Crap! The shirt was way too low to wear to work and not seem kinda slutty. But I lucked out–my sports bra was black. So I was able to … Continue reading