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Challenge: Get those abs in while watching calories

Wow, can you believe that it is already November? Halloween is over. Do you have candy lingering? Before we know it it will be December and Christmas and then a new year. 2014! Go Fit Girl’s November Monthly Challenge ideas come from many Go Fit Girl! readers/friends. Nicole M. asked for something abs related and […]

Hmmm … what to do with that leftover candy

I probably should have posted this sooner. But oh well, I didn’t. Oh, first, Happy Halloween! You know that dreaded Halloween candy you have to keep in your house before the trick-or-treaters come … I bought our candy about a week and a half ago and am proud to say I haven’t touched one piece. […]

Taking care of that leftover candy

The day after Halloween. And all that leftover candy. I took my leftover candy to work and filled my candy bowl and a co-worker’s candy bowl. And I am proud to say I didn’t eat one piece today. Except for the Snickers most of the candy I have left over I am not really interested […]

Don’t throw out (or compost) those seeds

I carved my pumpkins yesterday. I also saved the pumpkin seeds so I could roast them. I essentially followed this recipe.  I used seasonings I have at home: salt, pepper, onion powder, Kickin Chicken and I sprayed the cookie sheets with Pam. The hardest part about preparing homemade pumpkin seeds is getting the pumpkin pulp off. […]

Comment Contest Tuesday

Wow, another Comment Contest Tuesday … This one couldn’t wait until next week. It would be too late. With Halloween approaching many of us are buying candy for trick-or-treaters and possibly Pumpkin beer for ourselves. I know I am. I try to buy the hot candy items kids like, which luckily tends to be stuff […]