Showing the love … to me

Today is Valentine’s Day. I find the holiday silly and pretty much pointless. If you are single, you feel bad that you are. If you are in a relationship, you feel pressure. Curt and I don’t give gifts or cards. If we can, we do go out to dinner and eat delicious sushi.

Last night in Baxter’s Hatha class we focused on our heart and opening it up. (Baxter likes to do themes. Last week we focused on the feet.)

We set an intention at the beginning of class. I set mine for someone else. But during class I really thought about my heart being opened up and taking care of me.

 I, like many women, feel that I must take care of everyone else. Which usually means I sacrifice taking care of myself. (Part of it is also that I am a control freak. But we don’t need to talk about that now.)

But how I take care of myself and love myself is by making sure I regularly exercise, try to eat healthy, cut back my caffeine intake, try to keep my alcohol drinking to weekends and to … Continue reading

Why not go for a walk on Wednesday?

One of my co-workers organized a walk today at lunchtime.

When I opened the meeting invite I read it and my first reaction was, a walk for an hour?

But I decided that the walk wouldn’t kill me. And it would get me outside and away from my desk for a good and healthy break. And maybe get some socializing in with people I don’t see often or get to chat with lately.

Apparently about 25 said they would come and eight showed up. But it was Week 1. And there will be times when I want to go and something will come up at work where I won’t be able to go.

So the eight of us took off and had a beautiful walk. We walked to a trail along the water. The hour went by quickly. (And I am not even a fast walker.)

Years ago when I decided I needed to run–instant cardio and it can be done anywhere. While training I tweaked my right knee. And every once in awhile it flares up a little. Today during the walk it did. So I made sure to take care of myself. I just walked a little slower until … Continue reading

Back to my yoga practice

I was not happy to go to work today. I am not quite sure why. Maybe it was Monday. Maybe because the past few days I slept in rather late for me. But I had quite the attitude today.

A little after 4 p.m. I wandered down to the area where we wait for the work shuttle. Two co-workers were already there and asked if I wanted to ride back to Emeryville with them. (You need at least three in a car to qualify for carpool.) I said sure and the three of us were off. The traffic was light and we got back rather quickly, which meant I ended up at home about 5.

I had plenty of time to get my clothes picked out and ironed for tomorrow. I also had time to pack my lunch for tomorrow and eat an apple without having to scarf it down.

And then I walked to the yoga studio to take 6 p.m. Hatha class with Baxter. It was my first day back to any sort of exercise in two weeks. And Baxter’s class was a great way to kick off my yoga practice and exercise to get me back on … Continue reading

Opening the hips

In Baxter’s Hatha Yoga class tonight we worked a lot with the hips. About half the class we were lying down–my kind of yoga. Though we were definitely working.

Pigeon Pose is my favorite hip opener. I forget about the many other ways to open the hips.

Today we did an “extreme” half Happy Baby pose.

Happy Baby is probably one of my least favorite poses. It’s a difficult pose for me to do. It really works the hips for me and is a great opener. But I find it uncomfortable to the point where I feel stuck. I have to be very careful when coming out of the pose.

We also did a lunge hip opener.

The two poses were putting our bodies into the same positions. Just one on our back and the other on our feet. It was an interesting way to look at it and practice.

I have a feeling my hips will be sore tomorrow … but in a good way.

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Opening, balancing within

I attended my regular Hatha Yoga class with Baxter tonight. I really look forward to that class. He makes yoga fun while making us laugh.

His class isn’t as intense as the other classes I take. But that’s OK. Variety is good. And don’t get me wrong, I am still working.

Tonight Baxter asked us to try our Vinyasa Flow with our eyes closed. I am normally not steady with my eyes closed. But I went with it. Eventually Baxter had us hold some poses with our eyes closed as well. Such as Triangle,Warrior II, Side Angle and Reverse Warrior.

Baxter had us hold the poses and make adjustments and keep balance internally instead of relying on what we normally rely on. It was definitely a challenge to maintain balance (something I struggle with even with my eyes open). But I appreciated the practice of it.

When something new is proposed in class or a pose I find difficult or dislike (such as Happy Baby)  is asked of by the instructor I have recently tried to adjust my attitude or feelings toward it and stay open and appreciate it. It’s a works in progress …

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Hatha Yoga on Sunday morning

This morning I attended the Hatha Yoga class instead of Vinyasa because we had brunch plans with out of state friends.

Hatha isn’t as intense as my regular Sunday Vinyasa class. But it was a good class and I like the teacher. I have had her as a sub before and she teaches the Sunday Restorative Yoga class.

I do regularly practice Hatha with a  class taught by Baxter on Wednesday evenings.

Vickie had us hold Downward Dog for 5 minutes in class this morning. It felt a lot longer than that. And it was rather intense. My arms and shoulders are a little sore after doing weights yesterday in body conditioning.

And my hands kept slipping on my mat. I have a cheap mat. I have been thinking about getting a new spendy yoga mat. I need to do a little research before I make the investment.

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Do I practice yoga or drink beer?

It was a super tough day at work today. It was just one of those days.

Normally on Wednesdays I attend a Hatha yoga class with Baxter.

Before I left work today I decided that I was skipping yoga and was instead going to partake in some adult beverages.

I wouldn’t have made to to my class on time tonight as the commute back to the East Bay took longer than normal. And I knew I would be too tired for the later yoga class.

I wanted to hit McNally’s for a drink or two to relax, unwind and forget about my shitty day. But Curt wanted to watch a football (soccer) match on TV and I wasn’t in the mood to hit the bar alone. And Curt came home with beer. So I am watching Lifetime Movie Network and drinking beer.

I am no on my second-ish beer. I feel relaxed and good and not guilty at all. Sometimes you need those breaks from the gym, from the yoga studio, from life, whatever.

Lately I have been trying to NOT drink during the week. I don’t want it to be a crutch. I feel it is healthier to not … Continue reading

Soaking in the sleep

It is 8:45 and I am getting sleepy. Well, it is just about my bedtime. I try to get in to bed between 9 and 9:30. Though sometimes it is closer to 10. Once in bed I usually fall asleep pretty quickly. (I get up at 5 a.m. for work.)

Last week I talked about how I was going through a bad cycle of sleep. Well, writing about that must have unjixed my sleeping curse. Because since that post I have slept pretty well.

Maybe I am just on a good sleep cycle. Maybe my very regular exercise and conscious healthy eating (no alcohol during the week) are helping me sleep. Though I do tend to sleep well after even just one glass of wine. Maybe my post really did lift a bad sleep curse. 🙂

Am I now cursing myself with bad sleep for the rest of the week? Nah, I don’t believe that stuff.

While waiting for Baxter’s 6 p.m. Hatha Yoga class at Namaste I snapped a shot of my toes and yoga mat–pictured to the left. In case you were wondering what that photo had to do with sleeping. Well, it has nothing to do … Continue reading

Changing up routine a bit

The commute on the shuttle bus from South San Francisco took more than an hour. Traffic was bad, likely because of the Giants baseball game.

I didn’t get home until about 5:50, just 10 minutes before my regular Wednesday night yoga class. When we were sitting in traffic I made up my mind that I would try the later class at 7:30. I have been wanting to try it–so this seems like a good reason to do so.

The class goes until 9, which is when I usually start winding down for bed. So I have already done my routine stuff: clothes ready for tomorrow; exercise clothes ready for tomorrow; light dinner (spicy black bean Morningstar burger, which was really tasty, and side salad with Salad Spritzer).

Hopefully I won’t get too comfy before I have to leave for the yoga studio. I have about a half an hour before I start my walk over.

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Exercise back in full swing after vacation hiatus

Since Wednesday I have been on track with the exercise (the food is another story, but it usually is).

I had planned to hit Vinyasa Yoga class (and take my mom) on Sunday. But we had flight issues and instead of coming in Saturday night about 8 p.m. we came in on Sunday at almost midnight.

I wanted to go to the noon spin class on Monday. But I felt pretty wacked out and I didn’t want to drive anywhere. So I just hung around the house doing laundry, going through the mail and paying bills and watching TV.

Wednesday was Hatha Yoga with Baxter. Man, I really love that class. Baxter is great. Thursday I did the spin bike in the work gym. I only had time for a 30-minute workout as I had something to do after work. But 30 minutes is better than nothing. Friday was Forrest Yoga with a sub. I normally like the regular teacher. But I think I liked it even better with the sub. That was an intense class. I could feel my thighs and shoulders today. And, of course, today, spin; abs/core; and body conditioning. I almost ditched the third class. But … Continue reading