Reflecting on 2012: The year of becoming an adult

As 2012 comes to an end and 2013 is upon us like many others I have been doing a lot of reflecting.

2012 was a decent year. I know at the end of the year many are ready for the year to end and to start a new one. There have been some crappy things that have happened this year and there have been some good things. Nothing super major on either end.

For the past couple of years I have been focusing on my relationship with my grandpa, my dad’s dad, who is 91.

And I feel like 2012 was the year I became a winner with my grandpa. I call my grandpa regularly, occasionally write and whenever I am in town visit at least once or twice.

In June my grandpa had to have surgery where he had a tumor removed from his colon. I decided that it was important for me to go home to be there for my grandpa, my dad and me.

I spent as much time with my grandpa before the surgery and after. He came through the surgery like a rock star!

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Go Fit Girl! is thankful/grateful for many things

Today is Thanksgiving and I have many things to be thankful and grateful for.

This list is just some of the things Go Fit Girl! is thankful for. (If it was Ann … it would never end.)

I am thankful and grateful for:



Setting intentions.

In-Shape City Gym and teachers: Jenn, Jessica and Will.

Namaste yoga studio and teachers: Vickie, Baxter, Lily and Hannah and the occasional sub.

Being healthy all year long.

My supportive husband.

Grace and Gratitude Thanksgiving workshop.

Weight Watchers.

My readers, the regular and occasional, the new and the old.

My laptop in which I can write my posts and do my research.

The salad bar at work.

My gym friends.

Wellness plan at work.

My weekly weigh-in.

New spin bikes at the gym.

Exercise/health/nutrition challenges at work.

My friend Monica who is my Monday night gym class buddy and motivator.

That I can afford to grocery shop every week (or really anytime) and buy healthy food, especially fresh fruits and vegetables.

Namate yoga studio focusing holiday workshop proceeds on charity (and yoga mat rentals going to charity as well.)

My subscription to Yoga Journal.

My husband being my new-ish gym buddy.

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Want to shop AND support your favorite health, fitness blogger?

Remember earlier this week when I said there was a way you could support Go Fit Girl! even more than you already do as a reader (and hopefully as a commenter)?

Well, today I am going to tell you how you can fully support GFG!

Go Fit Girl! has her own Amazon store. You can use that <– link or you can go to the About page on the blog or you can click on any item in the My Favorites you see to the right –> on the blog.

By buying items from the Go Fit Girl! Amazon store  you are showing extra support.

Go Fit Girl!’s Webmaster (aka The Husband) and I will continually add items to the store. I am already working on more items to add.

If there is something you want to see in the store just let me know and we can add it. You can post the item in the comments section or e-mail me the link at

And thanks again to all of my readers, for your comments and your support. It means so much to me.

Now let’s start shopping!

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Healthy effects of music

Don’t stop believin’ … music can make you happy.

I keep hearing this Kaiser Permanente commercial on the radio, which talks about how music makes us happy.

And it does. A song can come on and totally change my mood. I can be driving to work early on a Monday morning tired and kinda bleh and then all of a sudden a fun and good beat comes on and I am rockin’ out. There are the few songs that I hear that make me sad or really reflect about something in my life. But for the most part, most songs put me in a good mood or keep me in a good mood.

And since I am on the this mini research kick I thought I would see what I could find online from some experts. (This is what happens when I am stuck at home recuperating from my mini cold.)

According to WebMD, if you make music, that can help you reduce stress. Apparently casual music-making can short-circuit the stress response.

According to eMedExpert, music can have positive effects on pain management. The article also states that music is one of the few activities that involves using … Continue reading

Who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner?

I left work at about 3:30 today. It was a bad day to have to leave early. But I had an eye appointment.

I was already feeling pretty tired before I left work. Once I have my eyes dilated I can’t do much but watch TV while wearing sunglasses or take a nap. I did both.

Once I finally came around to “making” dinner I wasn’t really in the mood to actually make anything. So it was Raisin Bran for dinner tonight. It was good, filling and not too unhealthy.

Of course, eggs, bacon, toast and hash browns would have been a much yummier breakfast dinner. But like I said, I was in no mood for cooking anything.

That’s one of the benefits of being an adult. If I want I can have cereal or popcorn or even just a glass of wine for dinner.

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Easing back into exercise

Today I headed back to the gym.

I took the 1 p.m. yoga class. It was a good class and a great way to get back into the exercise and get my gym time in.

Tomorrow the plan is to hit the evening Zumba class.

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Yoga continually teaches me new things

I have been taking yoga consistently for two years. I truly believe that one never masters every yoga pose.

I continually learn new things about each pose and new things about my own body.

I am amazed that after two years I am still adjusting and improving my downward dog and making it better. It seems like such a simple and easy pose. But it is really very complex.

The more I practice yoga the more intrigued I am by it. Besides that it is an amazing workout that works on flexibility, balance, patience, stretching, etc. each pose has a purpose to your body externally but also internally.

This simple seated twist does all of this:

Benefits (according to Yoga Journal Web site)

  • Stretches the spine, shoulders and hips
  • Massages the abdominal organs
  • Relieves lower backache, neck pain and sciatica
  • Helps relieve stress
  • Improves digestion
  • Especially good in the second trimester of pregnancy for strengthening the lower back
  • Therapeutic for carpal tunnel syndrome

If you look up a pose on the Yoga Journal Web site there is a menu below the description. If you click on benefits it will list all the great things that one pose … Continue reading

Guest Post: Nai

When I was 28 years old, I was diagnosed with diabetes, a little young in my opinion! Initially, I was depressed and upset, but I soon realized that being in that emotional state wouldn’t do me any good. Diabetes is rampant on my mom’s side of the family so I knew I had to do something.

At the time of my diagnosis, my doctor didn’t feel that I needed any medication. Instead, I was told to eat healthy foods and exercise regularly.

I was determined to change my health so I signed up for a gym membership and worked out religiously, which was about four times a week for 1-2 hours each time. I kept that routine up for about three years. Eventually, I went from a size 10 to a size 6-7 and my sugar was well under control. I was so proud of myself.

That was then, this is now. I haven’t been working out consistently, which has been about two years now and frankly, I’ve become quite depressed about my health. Recently, I had to go to the ER because my diabetes was so out of control. The doctor had threatened to put me on insulin if … Continue reading

Health & Wellness

Yesterday Onyx hosted a Health & Wellness Expo. I was a volunteer. I made a board giving info on WW and printed out information for people to read and take.

I also greeted vendors in the lobby and had them escorted to the third floor. We had a really good variety of vendors come in, including: YMCA; Delta Dental; Maverick’s Gym (the gym I work out at); REI; Emeryville firefighter to check blood pressure–mine was pretty good; Breathe California to check lung capacity–I was at 88%–very good; free chair massages; MHN, TLC, Blue Cross, etc.

We had a healthy and really yummy lunch catered by Whole Foods. I attended a couple of really good breakout sessions. At the end of the expo there was a raffle. Unfortunately I didn’t win anything. But there were some pretty cool prizes.

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