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Exploring a new yoga pose

This week the¬†theme in my yoga classes is the IT band (iliotibial band). According to Prashamana Yoga, the IT band is a layer of connective¬†tissue extending from the iliac crest to the knee and links the gluteus maximus to the tibia. (This is a good picture of the IT band, gluteus maximus and tensor fascia […]

Home (hotel) yoga practice

Curt and I stayed in Santa Cruz over the weekend. I didn’t check to see if the hotel had a gym. I am about 50/50 on that. Sometimes I am a rockstar with the hotel gym. And other times my exercise clothes never even leave the suitcase. This time around I brought my yoga mat […]

Hip openers

Today in Vinyasa Yoga class with Ashley we did our regular heated flows. After about 45 minutes to an hour of the flows and sweat we usually concentrate on something, whether it is working a specific part of the body or working on an inversion. Today we worked on some intense hip openers with variations […]