‘Tis the season to indulge

And my crazy December really kicks in. The first week was relatively calm.

Today Curt and I are hosting a little gathering with a few friends called Cheesemas. We eat cheese and watch cheesy holiday movies. The first movie stars Rob Lowe called The Christmas Shoes. We ALWAYS watch it. The commentary is what makes our gathering a little raunchy. You have to have a wicked sense of humor to stomach most of it.

Anyway, there is a lot of cheese eating and drinking and a good time.

Then next week the challenges really kick into full swing with two work dinners, a work White Elephant lunch and a cocktail party over the weekend.

Monday night is our team holiday dinner. It will be at a nice restaurant with good food and wine. And that also means I will miss my regular gym class. I initially decided it would be OK for me to miss the gym as long as I make it to the gym 3-4 times this coming week I will meet the December Monthly Challenge.

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Holiday and vacation weight gain

For all the crap, sweets, fatty foods I ate and all the beer and wine I drank I have to say the weight gain as a total isn’t bad. I have to lose 5.4 pounds to get back to my goal weight.

Today is Day 1 of eating much healthier. It’s hard. But I am resisting the urge to eat crap.

For breakfast I had coffee and instant oatmeal. For lunch I had salad with spritzer and Zesty-Tomato Thyme soup. For a snack I am having an apple with peanut butter.

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Another self-designed spin class

I went back to the gym today. No classes today or tomorrow.

So I got on the spin bike and designed my own class again. I think I had a pretty good workout. I was tired and pretty sweaty once I was complete. I rode about 40 minutes on the bike. Then did about 10-15 minutes of abs and a little weights (biceps and triceps).

After the gym I met my friends for lunch. Mmmmm, pizza. I am planning in detoxing myself soon from all this crap I have been eating. I love food and especially food that is unhealthy. But I don’t love feeling like crap, tired and sluggish. A bag of chips vs. and apple.

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