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Right back at it

I spent the past weekend visiting with my in-laws in Missouri. It was fairly relaxing and some good quality family time with my two nephews, mother- and father-in-law, brother-in-law and The Husband. Visiting Missouri means some amazing home-cooked meals from Marilyn, my mother-in-law, with a few things sprinkled in here and there from Ed. Over […]

Thanksgiving morning walk

I had to pick up a few things at the grocery today. So I decided to walk. It was a nice, quiet walk. Just listening to my iPhone. The gym is closed today. And I figure when we get home this evening from my dad and Hilda’s I am not gonna feel like working out […]

2 pounds of weekend weight gain

Curt and I were in Missouri over the weekend visiting his parents. On Thursday, the day before we left town, I weighed in. And I weighed in today–day after we came back. I gained 2 pounds. Musta been the fried shrimp dinner and beers at the Ground Round in St. Joe; or fried tenderloin sandwiches; […]

My version of garden vegetable soup

I owe a lot of my weight loss two years ago to a Weight Watchers recipe of garden vegetable soup. Because of upcoming parties, a wedding, holidays, etc. I fear that my oh so close to goal weight is gonna go in the other other direction, especially with work getting ready to gear up even […]

Oh, so close to goal weight

I normally weigh in on Mondays, which I did last Monday and was, I believe, 2.4 pounds from my goal weight–on track with losing weight. I decided to weigh in on Thursday–right before heading to Missouri to visit the in-laws (eating home cooked food and, of course, Midwestern food). Really, I was curious how much […]

Home-cooked Mexican food by Mom

Most of this weekend has been consumed by alcohol and good cooking by Mom. My mom and stepdad were in town for my birthday. They go home tomorrow. And my plan is to get back to my regular workout and eating schedule tomorrow. Friday (my birthday) I had a big breakfast; then Mom and  I […]