A proud moment

As Michelle was proud of her husband last Monday, I have warm fuzzy feelings about mine as well.

Curt started a new job last Monday. After almost 8 years at one employer he made the decision to make the move to change jobs. This is a good move for him and his career and I am supportive.

Almost two weeks ago was his last day at his former employer. There were going-away drinks for him in the city that night. So I made my way to the city (aka San Francisco) to join him, his co-workers and some of our friends.

There were lots of people at the outing. Many I knew, some I didn’t.

I heard more than once that it was the biggest going away drinks attended. I also heard that Curt brought out a bunch of formers for his send-off.

And lastly, many people I met for the first time kept saying what a “good guy” he is. Many were going to miss him terribly.

When you love someone and you hear others say nice things about them it gives you this amazing feeling. Pride. Love. Joy.

Since I am not a parent I imagine that this … Continue reading

Go Fit Girl! is thankful for …




the fact that I am fairly healthy.

the fact that I can afford a gym membership …

and a yoga studio membership.

the fact that I can afford fairly healthy food at the grocery.

the fact that my company has a gym on site.

my spin teachers, especially Jenn.

Baxter’s fun and goofy nature during Wednesday night Hatha class …

especially last night’s Thanksgiving-themed class.

all of my yoga teachers: Ashley, Lily, Rachel, Vickie, Sean, Baxter (mentioned above) and the occasional sub.

a boss who works out as much as I do (and possibly more).

my clip shoes for spin class and the espinner. (Fewer foot cramps and feet that fall asleep.)

Restorative yoga, Hatha yoga, Vinyasa yoga and yoga in general.

the fact that work encourages a wellness plan.

all the friends I have made at the gym …

and the spin social “hour” we have before Saturday class begins.

my yoga studio hosting a Day of Thanks 2-hour workshop …

and Naushon is teaching it …

and all the proceeds go to the food bank.

my IT support husband who helps me with the the site.

all of my Go Fit Girl! readers. Your support … Continue reading