Tiny bites and tiny spoons

For many years I have had a candy bowl on my desk at work.

There are times it is very tempting to me and I feel like I can’t stop eating from it. Most of the time I find if I don’t start I am OK. Other times it is not tempting to me at all whatsoever.

Today I had one tiny Baby Ruth. I told myself I could have one. I ate the tiny candy with tiny bites to make it last longer. It seemed to satisfy my need for chocolate and I wasn’t tempted to eat more.

One of my co-workers came over this afternoon to get some chocolate.

I told her how I ate one with tiny bites. She told me she heard some super model talking about how she kept her weight down. Apparently one of her tricks was to use a tiny spoon to eat ice cream. My co-worker tried it and she said it worked.

It likely gives her brain time to realize the sweet tooth has been satisfied. That likely worked when I took my tiny Baby Ruth bites.

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Now you take a crack at it …

Today I am posting a twist to Guest Post Tuesday: Comment Contest Tuesday.

It is your turn to be a Go Fit Girl! or Go Fit Boy! for a comment. You don’t even have to write a guest post.

Your comment can be simple or complex. For example: I love ice cream!; I have abs of steel!; I want abs of steel; My morning workout and breakfast routine include …

You must comment in the comments below with at least your first name. (E-mails to me or comments on my personal blog, Facebook, etc. don’t count.) You can comment as much as you want, but you will only be entered into the contest once. If you win and I don’t have your e-mail address you will need to send it to me after the winner is announced.

You have from right now until noon Thursday. The winner will be announced Friday.

And just to let you know, Guest Post Tuesday will return in October (hopefully) after I return from my European vacation.

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Dreyer’s Fruit Bars vs. Popsicle Ice Pops

I have been trying out different treat/snacks lately. Since it is almost summer here I have been having more ice cream.

I had the regular Dreyer’s Fruit Bars and I had the sugar-free Dreyer’s Fruit Bars. And last night I tried the sugar-free Popsicle Ice Pops.

The SF Dreyer’s are 25 calories. They are really tasty. And taste like they have real fruit.

The SF Popsicle’s are 15 calories. They are fairly tasty. But they fall apart easily. Twice last night I had chunks fall off. So I guess I just have to be careful when I eat them.

I think I like the Dreyer’s better. But I do like that the Popsicle’s are lower in calories.

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Yummy, cool, refreshing low-calorie snack/dessert

Usually after dinner or sometime in the evening Curt and I like to have “an ice cream.”

We normally buy the Skinny Cows no sugar added, which are pretty yummy and pretty good when it comes to calories, fat and they actually have fiber.

I am trying to minimize my dairy intake, which is really tough. But I think I may be lactose intolerant. I haven’t completely eliminated. I mean, I love cheese!

Anyway, I recently started buying (for myself) Dreyer’s Fruit Bars. The “regular” small ones in the variety pack are 60 calories. Last week when I was at the grocery I noticed they also had the fruit bars with no sugar added. I decided to try them. They are still pretty tasty and satisfy my sweet treat at night with 25 calories (according to the box) and 30 calories according to the Web site.

And I could have sworn the others I had were 45 calories on the box. But the Web site says 60. Oh well, either way they are decent in the calorie count and are a nice treat whenever you want.

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