My response to NYT article

A little more than a week ago the New York Times ran an article in their Sunday magazine titled How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body.

There has been a lot of talk in the yoga world about this article, or at least in my yoga world. We have been discussing in classes, some of my teachers have written about it. I have done a lot of thinking about the points made and the things my teachers have discussed. This past week I have been thinking about it and taking notes in preparation for this post. Now to actually put my notes together and make some sense.

The article is very one sided. The statistics seem to disprove the idea that yoga injuries are going up. Yes, more yoga injuries in numbers. But the number of people practicing yoga is so much more higher. And, there are extremes to everything. I am not really sure if the woman in the article had a stroke caused by doing Wheel Pose or if that was just the last straw. Maybe she would have had a stroke had she been lifting weights. I don’t know. And I in no way mean to … Continue reading