Using strap for Chatarunga Dhandasana

One of the things I learned while in my yoga teacher training was to learn to “steal good.” And I do this pretty regularly.

As a teacher myself I take things my teachers do and make them my own. It’s a great way to learn to teach and to share awesome things I learn along the way with my students.

Near the end of my teaching stint at Alameda Athletic Club I asked my students and GFG! readers what their favorite and least favorite yoga poses were.

With that information I created a sequence for my second to last week teaching favorite poses and my last week of teaching least favorite poses.

One of my students told me that Chatarunga Dhandasana (Four-Limbed Staff Pose) was one of her least favorite poses.

This is a pose where many people hurt themselves. It’s a difficult pose and many people don’t and can’t do it correctly, myself included.

From an article on the Yoga Journal website,  the writer mentioned being at a meeting with other yoga teachers and “almost all of us had a Chaturanga injury to relate: elbow tendonitis or strained muscles in the upper arm, shoulder, or chest. … Since then, … Continue reading

Backing off minor injury is healing

On Thursday night in yoga while either doing Lizard pose or what the teacher funnily called Screaming Pigeon (against the wall) I pulled my hamstring in my right leg.

I took a Vinyasa class Friday morning. Most teachers will ask before a class starts if anyone needs to talk to them about anything going on with their body. I mentioned my pulled hamstring and that it happened the night before. She said it was good that the injury just happened, which meant I could easily take care of it. Rachel suggested I back off a pose when I felt strain and in the standing poses to make sure my knee was slightly bent to avoid strain.

I was careful during that yoga class and I didn’t cause anymore injury to myself and felt great after the class. I had dinner plans so I wasn’t able to make my the Forrest Yoga class at 5. I liked Rachel’s class. I definitely plan on taking it again when my schedule allows it.

On Saturday during spin I never felt a pull on my hamstring. I did a a few times in abs class, believe it or not. And luckily … Continue reading