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Undoing with new chapter

Life is a balancing act … believe in yourself … Leap and the net will appear. Happy wife … happy life. Today is the first day of what I am referring to as FUNemployment. I quit my job of nine years and yesterday was my last day in the corporate world. (The top two lines […]

The benefits of setting an intention in yoga

There are a lot of things I love about practicing yoga. One of my favorite things is at the beginning of practice you set an intention. I like how this article describes setting an intention, (setting an intention connects) the what I’m doing with the why I’m doing it in a body-mind-spirit manner. I find […]

Calm practice on and off yoga mat

Last Wednesday I missed yoga as I had to stay at work late and then come home and do more work. I was bitter and pissy about it. I have a lot of high priority projects at work right now. Things are a little tense and stressful. I am trying to take my yoga practice […]

Showing the love … to me

Today is Valentine’s Day. I find the holiday silly and pretty much pointless. If you are single, you feel bad that you are. If you are in a relationship, you feel pressure. Curt and I don’t give gifts or cards. If we can, we do go out to dinner and eat delicious sushi. Last night […]

Unplanned hiatus is done

Go Fit Girl! was on a mini unplanned hiatus. But no worries. I am back! I have been trying to keep my calories in check. I have been doing OK. Exercise was OK, except for the past three days. But today I started back up with a Hatha Yoga class. And it was a great […]