Undoing with new chapter

Life is a balancing act … believe in yourself …

Leap and the net will appear.

Happy wife … happy life.

Today is the first day of what I am referring to as FUNemployment.

I quit my job of nine years and yesterday was my last day in the corporate world.

(The top two lines come from cards I have recently received from loved ones. The third line I probably stole from, oh dear god do I dare say, Dr. Phil.)

Today I started a new chapter and I am “undoing.”

In my yoga class last night our theme was about undoing. It seemed so appropriate for me and this new … adventure I am taking on.

Baxter has his students set an intention at the beginning of each yoga class. I love setting an intention. (I have written about it a few times. Here’s one of my past posts.)

Last night I set it for myself and reminded myself of the undoing I need to do for myself and be OK with it and to embark on this new chapter.

I’ve been called brave, gutsy, courageous … I’ve been told I am doing … Continue reading

The benefits of setting an intention in yoga

There are a lot of things I love about practicing yoga.

One of my favorite things is at the beginning of practice you set an intention.

I like how this article describes setting an intention, (setting an intention connects) the what I’m doing with the why I’m doing it in a body-mind-spirit manner. I find that when I set a thought, affirmation or prayer to my movements, I am much more present in my breath, more inspired to complete my practice. Setting an intention is a personal ritual.

Most of my yoga teachers ask us to set an intention at the beginning of class. When I practice alone in my home practice I set an intention.

My set intentions vary. Sometimes I set it for myself, my practice or for someone I care about who could use the extra positive energy.

Yesterday in class for the first time I set an intention toward someone who has been hurtful to me recently. I don’t want to have the negative energy take over.

I am someone who holds grudges, I get my feelings hurt easily and I tend to let negative feelings fester inside.

I am trying to learn how to … Continue reading

Calm practice on and off yoga mat

Last Wednesday I missed yoga as I had to stay at work late and then come home and do more work. I was bitter and pissy about it.

I have a lot of high priority projects at work right now. Things are a little tense and stressful.

I am trying to take my yoga practice off the mat and practice patience at work. Sometimes I do well at it other times not so much.

Tonight in yoga class Baxter had us to set an intention. This is one of my favorite things about practicing yoga.

Sometimes I focus my intention on someone I care about who needs some positive energy sent their way. Other times I set an intention for myself or my practice.

Lately my intentions have been focused on me. Tonight I set my intention for a calm practice, which can also be taken off the mat in my life right now.

Two different yoga teachers in recent months have mentioned my calm practice to me. One teacher whose class is a lighter lunchtime flow class said to me one day as she was helping me adjust into the pose that it appeared that I was … Continue reading

Showing the love … to me

Today is Valentine’s Day. I find the holiday silly and pretty much pointless. If you are single, you feel bad that you are. If you are in a relationship, you feel pressure. Curt and I don’t give gifts or cards. If we can, we do go out to dinner and eat delicious sushi.

Last night in Baxter’s Hatha class we focused on our heart and opening it up. (Baxter likes to do themes. Last week we focused on the feet.)

We set an intention at the beginning of class. I set mine for someone else. But during class I really thought about my heart being opened up and taking care of me.

 I, like many women, feel that I must take care of everyone else. Which usually means I sacrifice taking care of myself. (Part of it is also that I am a control freak. But we don’t need to talk about that now.)

But how I take care of myself and love myself is by making sure I regularly exercise, try to eat healthy, cut back my caffeine intake, try to keep my alcohol drinking to weekends and to … Continue reading

Unplanned hiatus is done

Go Fit Girl! was on a mini unplanned hiatus. But no worries. I am back!

I have been trying to keep my calories in check. I have been doing OK.

Exercise was OK, except for the past three days. But today I started back up with a Hatha Yoga class. And it was a great and fun class as Baxter’s classes always are.

In class, we experimented with some standing poses that I had never done before. They seemed to be modified asanas. And they were amazing openers.

Baxter also had us set an intention and asked that we focus it on someone we knew who needed it as he was setting his for a friend having surgery. This is something I tend to do quite often. I set mine today for a friend who needs it.

When I came home from class, Curt and I prepared a fairly healthy and quite yummy dinner. I marinated chicken breasts in light Italian dressing and then cooked them up in the George Foreman grill. We heated up some corn and made a salad with lettuce from our garden. Curt added a little bit of delicious and creamy cheese he got at the … Continue reading