Happy feet … walking

I decided to take today off and have a four-day weekend.

I accomplished a lot today.

I had a dentist appointment this morning. Then the car had scheduled maintenance. And I started the daunting task of de-cluttering the spare room/office/dumping room.

I took the car in a little after 9. The dealership offers courtesy shuttle service. It was a sunny and cool morning. I decided to walk home. The roughly 1-mile took about 20 minutes to walk and was quite pleasant. I listened to the morning DJs on my Radio.com app.

Once home I had some coffee and breakfast. And then the de-cluttering began.

About 12:15 or so Curt asked me if I wanted to go have lunch. (Curt worked from home today.) After lunch I walked back to the dealership, which was a pleasant and warmer 20-minute walk.

I got in about 2 miles of walking today with a 90-minute Vinyasa yoga class this evening.

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If only I were a runner

My intention today was to get up this morning and head to the gym. I woke up about 7:15, which is rather late for me. (The gym didn’t open until 8 a.m. today.)  I still felt tired and went into the spare room and turned on the TV to Lifetime Movie Network. At some point I dozed off for a bit. I toyed with idea of still going to the gym or working out from home. Eventually neither sounded great and laziness won the battle.

Today is the kind of day where I wish I was a runner. It would be so easy to throw on some exercise clothes, grab my iPhone and take off running. But I hate to run and I pretty much suck at running. I think I would last about 2 minutes before I needed to take a break. I know a lot of people who run and tell me if I can do crazy spin I can run. Well, not true. Running would be great because it is easy cardio you can do anywhere.


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Tap & Track review

I have started reviewing some apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

My Tap & Track review recently published. Check it out.

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Self-taught spin class

Today there were no classes at the gym, which was a bummer. I would have been able to make the noon spin class and gladly taken it.

I still went to the gym today. I got on a spin bike, put in my ear buds and set the iPod on shuffle. If a song came on that I wasn’t in the mood for I would just skip to the next one. I did some sprints, climbs, seated climbs, fast climbs, etc. I worked out about 50 minutes. Not too bad on my own.

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Washing your hands regularly keeps you healthy

Since I have had this awful cold (Yup, still have it) … I have been much more aware about how I cough (into the crook of my elbow), how often I wash my hands and even how often I use hand sanitizer at my work desk.

Before getting sick I was a frequent hand washer. I wash my hands after I go to the bathroom (you would be surprised how many people don’t); I wash my hands before I prepare a meal, even if it is just frozen dinner for lunch at work; I wash my hands before I put in and take out my contacts; I was my hands when I arrive to work and get ready for my morning coffee and breakfast (your steering wheel is pretty nasty; oh, and yes, I eat breakfast at work). (Those, of course, aren’t the only times I wash my hands.)

I feel like I wash my hands even more now. And that hand sanitizer pump is getting a lot of action these days sitting on my desk at work.

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Weight loss

So since last Tuesday I have been counting my calories. I didn’t talk about it before on this blog because I feel like when I do I do well for like two days and it is down hill from there.

But I weighed myself this morning and I lost 2 pounds since last Tuesday. My fingers are fat, so I know I am retaining water. So the weight loss could be even more. But I am more than happy with a 2-pound weight loss in the past week.

I can’t figure out why I am retaining water. I drank like 9 servings of water yesterday, had no booze (crazy, I know!), didn’t have soy sauce (that usually does it).

I use the Tap & Track app on my iPhone to count my calories and track my weight.

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Design your own spin class

Last month when I was in Phoenix visiting friends Erica and I were talking about spin. Erica loves spin. But her schedule has made it difficult for her to make classes.

I believe there is a gym at her work building. I suggested she design her own spin class, which I have done before. I just stick in my earbuds and shuffle my music. Almost every song on my song list seems appropriate for spinning. Michael Jackson, Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Green Day, The Killers, Muse, music from a friend’s band, etc. The only song that I found (so far) that really doesn’t seem to work is Eye of the Tiger. I love that song for working out. But the beat is kinda odd for spin.

I have found that if the song has a good, strong beat you can spin to it–whether it is climbing, intervals, sprints, etc.

When Erica and I were having our conversation I remembered that the US Weekly (January 25, 2010 edition) I had just read had a list of Soulcycle’s Motivating Mix:

1. Learning to Fly Kate Earl

2. Hard (featuring Young Jeezy) Rihanna

3. Satisfaction Benny Benassi Presents … Continue reading

Self-designed spin class

So the gym was open today, but all classes were canceled.spin

I arrived a little after 9 and decided to ride the bike instead of the elliptical. I put in my ear buds, cranked up the music and pretty much designed my own spin class.

I climbed a lot of hills, did some endurance, sprints and more hills.

My favorite work out song is Eye of the Tiger. It was a little hard to maintain a beat while I was on the bike. But I went for it. I did hill sprints to Like a Virgin.

After about 30-40 minutes on the bike I did about 15 minutes of core and some free weights.

Christmas Eve dinner is fairly healthy. Poff family tradition is to have shrimp on Christmas Eve. So Curt and I have carried on that tradition. We will also have biscuits and baked potatoes.

My family tradition is designed around Mexican food–not so healthy. Curt and I will have tamales for breakfast Christmas morning. Then I am planning on making cheese enchiladas, rice and beans for dinner.

Happy Holidays to all my readers!

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Thanksgiving morning walk

I had to pick up a few things at the grocery today. So I decided to walk.

It was a nice, quiet walk. Just listening to my iPhone.

The gym is closed today. And I figure when we get home this evening from my dad and Hilda’s I am not gonna feel like working out with my own yoga or the little stair climber I have.

I think I am gonna have a cup of my garden veggie soup before we head to Dad to Hilda’s. That way I won’t be starving and gorge on all that food. I am sure I will still eat too much. But hopefully I won’t go nuts. But if my dad has that dressing he made last year … I am in trouble.

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Counting calories helps with weight loss

I recently bought the Tap & Track app for my iPhone. So for the past week I have been tracking calories I consume and calories I “earn” with exercise. The idea is similar to what I was doing with Weight Watchers. I just decided to try something new. Plus I always have my phone with me.

In a week I lost 3.6 pounds. I think part of that is a fluke–since last Monday (Oct. 19) when I weighed in was the morning after sushi. Though I did drink A LOT of water all day Sunday.

I will write more later about how much I love this Tap & Track app.

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