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7 minutes turns into 45

The exercise challenge in this month’s Monthly Challenge is to try out The Scientific 7-Minute Workout. The timing of the routine itself I don’t agree with. But with some modifications I think it is a good and legit exercise routine. My recommendation is to do each exercise for a minute instead of the 30 seconds […]

Full workout at home

My routine was completely out of whack this week. I got sick on Sunday and even though I felt better on Monday I decided to skip the gym and make sure I was back to healthy. (Plus I had a fever on Sunday, which broke Sunday night or Monday morning, and didn’t want to infect […]

Comment Contest Tuesday

Yesterday on the shuttle ride home I popped in my earbuds and listened to some upbeat tunes while doing a little work as I was driven back to Emeryville from South San Francisco. Once the shuttle arrived at our destination, one of my co-workers who was sitting behind me asked if I was rockin’ to […]

Stair stepper

We are out of town this weekend. Good ol’ Portland, Oregon. It is tough to keep up with a healthy lifestyle when not at home. But I did check beforehand if our hotel had a gym. It does. I just came back from the little gym. Just three cardio machines and three weight machines. But […]

Morning cardio workout

I have a lunch date with my friend Mia today. So I will be missing my regular yoga class at 1 p.m. I didn’t want to workout after work because I have stuff to do. So I went this morning. And no, I did not take sunrise spin. I took that class once and I […]

Must have music

So yesterday I get dressed for the gym. I go to my purse to grab my iPod. I can’t find it. I freak for a second and then remember where it is. It isn’t lost. But it isn’t with me either. I had no music while on the ellipitical yesterday. That 30 minutes felt a […]