7 minutes turns into 45

The exercise challenge in this month’s Monthly Challenge is to try out The Scientific 7-Minute Workout.

The timing of the routine itself I don’t agree with. But with some modifications I think it is a good and legit exercise routine.

My recommendation is to do each exercise for a minute instead of the 30 seconds the article states. And I also think to make it a good exercise routine is to do the routine three times instead of just once.

I finally had a chance to try out the routine on Thursday night.

I performed each exercise for a minute and I did the routine three times. It came out to about a 45-minute exercise routine. It was tough and sweaty and definitely a full workout. I was sore the next day.

Because I was using my phone for music and it was attached to my arm I didn’t have exact time on each exercise. So I just counted.

The original article states that between each exercise a rest should be done. I don’t think you need to rest between each one. But when you need to take a little break you should. I know I did, which is … Continue reading

Full workout at home

My routine was completely out of whack this week.

I got sick on Sunday and even though I felt better on Monday I decided to skip the gym and make sure I was back to healthy. (Plus I had a fever on Sunday, which broke Sunday night or Monday morning, and didn’t want to infect anyone else.)

Tuesday I hit my regular yoga class. Wednesday I had to stay at work later and planned to hit a later yoga class. But once I got home I was beat and had some work to do.

Thursday and Friday I had a training in the city (San Francisco). It went until 5 on Thursday and I knew I would never make my 6 p.m. spin class. I decided to wear a camisole tank top under my blouse. I shoved my flip flops and yoga pants into my purse (yup, it pays to have a big purse). I went straight from the BART station to the yoga studio with about 5 minutes to spare and quickly changed into my yoga clothes for class.

Last night Curt and I had a dinner to attend and I likely would not have made the evening … Continue reading

Comment Contest Tuesday

Yesterday on the shuttle ride home I popped in my earbuds and listened to some upbeat tunes while doing a little work as I was driven back to Emeryville from South San Francisco.

Once the shuttle arrived at our destination, one of my co-workers who was sitting behind me asked if I was rockin’ to Eye of the Tiger. I laughed and said yes.

I love that song for a variety of reasons: it has a great beat; it was a featured song in my favorite Rocky movie; it’s a motivating song; and a great workout tune.

There are songs on my iPod that I would say I am slightly embarrassed by or would rather others not know they are even on my song list. My excuse for these embarrassing songs/lame music is … they are great songs to exercise to. Who can argue with that?

Britney has a great and strong beat for just about any workout. Enrique Iglesias has some lame lyrics, but the music rocks. Apparently I like Pitbull as well, as he is featured in some of my embarrassing music selections. J.Lo, or is it just Jennifer Lopez these days, has made it to my song … Continue reading

Stair stepper

We are out of town this weekend. Good ol’ Portland, Oregon.

It is tough to keep up with a healthy lifestyle when not at home.

But I did check beforehand if our hotel had a gym. It does.

I just came back from the little gym. Just three cardio machines and three weight machines. But better than nothing.

I have never been a fan of the stair stepper. But the treadmill was in use and I really didn’t want to do the bike (tho. I could have pretended I was in spin). The stair stepper ended up being a great workout. I burned more than 200 calories in 30 minutes and climbed 226 floors! Unfortunately there was no where for my trashy celebrity news to go. And I was a little worried because my iPod was in the red of the charge. I didn’t bring a charger. So tomorrow I will have to use my iPhone. I think I can handle that.

We are meeting friends for brunch in a bit. I plan on trying to stick with maybe some egg whites and fruit salad as the rest of the day will be a challenge in the food department.

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Morning cardio workout

I have a lunch date with my friend Mia today. So I will be missing my regular yoga class at 1 p.m. I didn’t want to workout after work because I have stuff to do. So I went this morning. And no, I did not take sunrise spin. I took that class once and I don’t think I will ever take it again.

I did the elliptical for about 45 minutes while listening to my iPod and reading trashy celebrity news. Anna’s Nicole daughter recently turned 2. And that father of hers is going to make her a spoiled brat. But I digress.

Anyway, glad I have my workout in already. And on to a day of work.

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Must have music

So yesterday I get dressed for the gym. I go to my purse to grab my iPod. I can’t find it. I freak for a second and then remember where it is. It isn’t lost. But it isn’t with me either.

I had no music while on the ellipitical yesterday. That 30 minutes felt a lot longer than 30 minutes. At least I had my trashy celebrity news to read.

But music definitely makes the workout seem a lot easier. I burned fewer calories and didn’t go as fast or as far as I usually do with my tunes.

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