Full workout at home

My routine was completely out of whack this week.

I got sick on Sunday and even though I felt better on Monday I decided to skip the gym and make sure I was back to healthy. (Plus I had a fever on Sunday, which broke Sunday night or Monday morning, and didn’t want to infect anyone else.)

Tuesday I hit my regular yoga class. Wednesday I had to stay at work later and planned to hit a later yoga class. But once I got home I was beat and had some work to do.

Thursday and Friday I had a training in the city (San Francisco). It went until 5 on Thursday and I knew I would never make my 6 p.m. spin class. I decided to wear a camisole tank top under my blouse. I shoved my flip flops and yoga pants into my purse (yup, it pays to have a big purse). I went straight from the BART station to the yoga studio with about 5 minutes to spare and quickly changed into my yoga clothes for class.

Last night Curt and I had a dinner to attend and I likely would not have made the evening … Continue reading

Start jumping!

One of our exercise challenges this month in Go Fit Girl’s April Monthly Challenge is working the jump rope.

If you want a major cardio workout, jump rope for 3 minutes (or longer).

Jumping rope requires and builds coordination, is an easy and quick cardio workout and can be done almost anywhere.

According to WebMD, jumping rope can be lower-impact exercise on knees than jogging.

For years I have wished I was a runner. It’s easy cardio and you can do it anywhere. But I am now realizing that is the same with the jump rope. I can throw one in my suitcase. It travels easily and doesn’t take up any room.

According to some calculations on Livestrong, which attributes to Mayo Clinic, I will burn about 150 calories for jumping rope 15 minutes. (The average calorie burning in a 60-minute spin class is 500 calories.)

This site gives all kinds of fancy moves with the rope.

The American Heart Association sponsors a program called Jump Rope For Heart event, which provides heart research program and education.  The fundraising event helps kids learn skills to jump rope while raising money for the American Heart Association.

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April Monthly Challenge: Hoops, ropes, jumps & protein

When I posted in February about hula hooping at work for a Wellness Fair some of my readers got excited and wanted this as a challenge. Because I assume most people don’t have hula hoops around I wanted to give a heads up to my readers to go out and buy a hula hoop and jump rope, if they wanted.

I recently visited Toys R Us and am armed with a hula hoop and jump rope.

So for Go Fit Girl!’s April Monthly Challenge, your challenges are:

Exercise: Old school exercise. Let’s go back to being a kid. Let’s hula hoop and jump rope.

If you can’t hula hoop at all April is your chance to aim to get that hoop to go around your waist at least 10 consecutive times. Practice this a few times a week. Once you hit that goal, build from there with trying 20 and so on. If you can already hula, set your goal to go for a minute, 2, 5, 10 …

When hula hooping, remember it is all in the waist and hips. Other body parts do not need to be involved. This Hula Hoop Basics Video is pretty good. … Continue reading

Comment Contest Tuesday winners announced

Thanks, ladies for the awesome and fun comments about old school “exercise.”

Last week’s Comment Contest Tuesday challenged readers to come up with old school exercises they do now, did when they were kids, their kids do or the neighborhood kids do. (This is to get us in preparation for April’s Monthly Challenge–think hula hooping and jumping rope.)

Out of all the awesome comments below (and more–see full comments at link here) a random drawing was done and some of the ladies won a little prize.

The following commenters were picked from a random drawing: Jen F. and Andrea both won a Toys R Us gift card to buy their own hula hoop and Alicia and Monica and Brenda won a jump rope.

Jen C. and Nicole M., I appreciate your comments and participation.

You and all of my readers still have time to head out and get your old school hula hoops and jump ropes for next month’s Monthly Challenge.

Some of the old school exercises friends/readers mentioned are:

Comment Contest Tuesday goes old school

Cinderella dressed in yella went upstairs to kiss a fella … made a mistake and kissed a snake … how many doctors did it take … 1 2 3 …

I am already thinking about Go Fit Girl!’s April Monthly Challenge.

A few of my readers were excited about my hula hoop post and were hoping for a challenge associated with the hula hoop. OK, in order to get ready for next month’s challenge many of you likely gotta go shopping.

I braved Toys R Us/Babies R Us on the way home tonight. I must really love you guys because I HATE that store.

I found some jump ropes and a fun pink, sparkly hula hoop, which I discovered once home that it is a Wave Hoop, filled with liquid. The Wave Hoop website says the patented liquid core makes hooping 10 times easier than a regular hoop. I am pretty good with the hula hoop and frankly, I didn’t notice it being any easier.

As I purchased a hula hoop for myself I also saw jump ropes on sale. Ideas were coming to me and I decided before you go buy your hula hoops, let’s have a Comment … Continue reading