Getting grateful this month

Wow, we are now entering November. Can you believe how quickly this year has gone by?

Since it is November (and Halloween has passed) it means we are thrown into the holiday season.

I love the holidays.

But there is also a part of me that is glad when the holidays are over. This time can be so stressful and overwhelming.

And then there are all the temptations of overeating, so much sugar, lots of alcohol, parties, potlucks, etc.

At the beginning of this year I started a the jar project challenge for myself and shared it with all of you.

I did OK with adding slips of paper in the jar until sometime in April. Though I sometimes felt like I was playing catch up.

I went on vacation and never picked it up again.

We should be grateful all year around of what we have (instead of focusing on what we don’t).

But since it is November and the month most of us celebrate Thanksgiving, let’s do the jar project for the month of November as part of the GFG! Monthly Challenge.

Throughout the month let’s plan to fill the mason jar (or whatever you use) with little pieces of paper … Continue reading

Full workout at home

My routine was completely out of whack this week.

I got sick on Sunday and even though I felt better on Monday I decided to skip the gym and make sure I was back to healthy. (Plus I had a fever on Sunday, which broke Sunday night or Monday morning, and didn’t want to infect anyone else.)

Tuesday I hit my regular yoga class. Wednesday I had to stay at work later and planned to hit a later yoga class. But once I got home I was beat and had some work to do.

Thursday and Friday I had a training in the city (San Francisco). It went until 5 on Thursday and I knew I would never make my 6 p.m. spin class. I decided to wear a camisole tank top under my blouse. I shoved my flip flops and yoga pants into my purse (yup, it pays to have a big purse). I went straight from the BART station to the yoga studio with about 5 minutes to spare and quickly changed into my yoga clothes for class.

Last night Curt and I had a dinner to attend and I likely would not have made the evening … Continue reading

Is there a benefit to stretching?

The other day on the radio I heard about a new study, which recently came out saying you shouldn’t stretch before exercise.

I guess I had never given this much thought. I don’t normally stretch before I exercise. But whether I am spinning, practicing yoga or in a body conditioning class we start slow and warm up and then build the intensity.

Experts differ on whether you should stretch before or after or even at all.

This WebMD article quotes a few studies along with the American College of Sports Medicine, which says: Regular flexibility exercises are “crucial to maintaining joint range of movement.” … Some studies have shown that regular flexibility exercises help maintain your range of movement as you age. … Studies also show that regularly stretching the muscles that are constantly shortened through your work posture or daily routine can ease and prevent chronic pain.

Also in the same WebMD article,  there is not substantial evidence that stretching before exercise lowers risk of injury, decreases muscle soreness after exercise, or improves your performance.

A dynamic stretch can get your body moving before a workout. A good example of a dynamic stretch is standing Cat-Cow pose.

I … Continue reading

April Monthly Challenge: Hoops, ropes, jumps & protein

When I posted in February about hula hooping at work for a Wellness Fair some of my readers got excited and wanted this as a challenge. Because I assume most people don’t have hula hoops around I wanted to give a heads up to my readers to go out and buy a hula hoop and jump rope, if they wanted.

I recently visited Toys R Us and am armed with a hula hoop and jump rope.

So for Go Fit Girl!’s April Monthly Challenge, your challenges are:

Exercise: Old school exercise. Let’s go back to being a kid. Let’s hula hoop and jump rope.

If you can’t hula hoop at all April is your chance to aim to get that hoop to go around your waist at least 10 consecutive times. Practice this a few times a week. Once you hit that goal, build from there with trying 20 and so on. If you can already hula, set your goal to go for a minute, 2, 5, 10 …

When hula hooping, remember it is all in the waist and hips. Other body parts do not need to be involved. This Hula Hoop Basics Video is pretty good. … Continue reading