My Mean Girl story

As a kid I was never a bully. But I saw other kids get bullied … and I didn’t stand up for those kids.

I still remember in 6th grade when Joe (names have been changed) took a ziggy, a twisted rubber band, and released it in Larry’s hair. I should have stood up for Larry. But I didn’t … I still feel bad about that. I remember watching Larry trying to cut that huge twisted rubber band out of his hair. The next day he came to school with a haircut.

I recently was thinking about my Mean Girl experience and for some reason thought it would be a good post. My guess is many people can probably relate.

Here’s the thing, yea, it sucked. But I am still here. And I am rockin’ my life. And that is the sweetest revenge.

In 7th grade I had a good group of girlfriends. Some were from elementary school and some of the friendships were formed in junior high.

One day in 7th grade on our lunch break, Valerie (remember names have been changed) got all of our friends into a circle, arms around each other. They were laughing and having … Continue reading