Review Wednesday: Onion goggles

Recently I posted a tip on Twitter that if you put an onion in the freezer for 10 minutes you won’t cry when you cut the onion. (My Go Fit Girl! Twitter tweets also post on Go Fit Girl!’s Facebook page, which is where I get most of my comments.)

My cousin mentioned that if you light a candle while cutting the onion that will also help. I did try that. It helped for the most part. But it only lasted so long and then my eyes started tearing up when I was just about done cutting.

According to Everyday Chemistry, when a candle is lit near the chopping board the gas that is emitted from the onions gets drawn toward the flame of the burning candle or lamp and it does not reach your eyes.

My friend Monica told me about these onion goggles she saw at a kitchen store. She told me that I should review them for the blog. I told her if she bought them for me I would try them out and write a review.

Monica bought the fashionable red onion goggles for me. Yes, I felt silly and goofy while using … Continue reading