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Review Wednesday: Neutrogena Face & Body Stick Sunscreen

I have written before about sunscreen and growing up under that hot Arizona sun a time or two or three before. I pretty much never wore sunscreen and made it my mission to have the best tan of the summer as a kid. I even slathered myself with Baby Oil in order to “cook” quicker. About […]

Being OK with this week’s challenges

I was in Vegas for a long weekend with The Husband and our good friends. As I said in yesterday’s post I gave myself permission to eat and drink whatever I wanted. That being said I didn’t go super nuts. Many of my meals were decent in the calorie department, in fact, some were actually […]

Love of reading

As a little girl I loved to read. I read so much that I was three grade levels ahead of my own grade reading level. My vocabulary was quite advanced. I would participate in reading contests. My parents really limited the amount of TV my brother and I watched. I didn’t need TV. I had […]

Are you being good?

Are you eating healthy? Are you on Plan (aka Weight Watchers Plan)? For anyone who has tried to lose weight or tried to maintain a healthy lifestyle that can be a question you hear from your friends especially as you are trying to decide where to eat lunch. I had a lunch date today. I […]

Hydrating with my wacky water bottle

Sorta sticking with the Las Vegas this week … Whenever I travel I always attempt to keep my regular water intake. I regularly drink a lot of water. And my body notices almost immediately when I haven’t had enough. Somewhere like Las Vegas where it is dry, there is alcohol everywhere and just the idea […]

Dry nose remedies

(Be warned: Some of the pics associated with the articles I link up not are not exactly appealing. I mean they aren’t grotesque, just remember it is noses.) It was either last Thursday or Friday while in Las Vegas that I noticed that my nose was really dry. I have never had a bloody nose […]

Sharing dry shampoo secret

I have written in the past about how I don’t wash my hair every day. It’s not good for my hair or scalp. It has been more than two years since I have stopped washing my hair every single day. I wash my hair two to three times a week. It seems to be just […]

Havin’ fun in Vegas

Curt and I have been in Vegas since late Wednesday night. There has been a lot of eating and drinking. Last night we participated in Dollar Menu Madness at Ellis Island Casino. We spent less than 20 bucks and got 3 hot dogs, 10 wings, 2 small beers, 2 regular-sized beers and tipped well. Oh […]

Vegas, here we come

Curt and I head to Vegas tomorrow night. This will be our third annual Vegas trip for the opening of the NCAA Men’s basketball tournament, which starts Thursday morning. Our good friends Jen and Dave will meet us on Friday. Last year Jen and I discussed doing our best to get some exercise in. Jen did […]