Grandma Phyllis

Curt’s grandma, Grandma Phyllis, died Friday morning.

Grandma Phyllis was 87 and a feisty woman.

I first met Curt’s whole family at a family reunion in May 2000. Everyone was kind and accepting of me and I felt very welcomed.

Soon after that I started e-mailing with Curt’s grandma. She always signed her e-mails Grandma Phyllis. So before we were married or even engaged I called her that.

She made me feel like one of her grandchildren immediately. And there was no doubt that she loved me.

I was lucky enough to get to spend some quality time alone with her on occasion, like the time she came to visit Curt in Portland. Or when she and I had a girls’ sleepover at her house.

She had a great laugh. And if something was funny enough you could bring her to tears. Like the time she and Curt’s parents were visiting us in Oakland for Christmas and I opened a gag gift from my grandma or the time Curt and I were moving from Oregon to Phoenix and we stayed with her in San Diego for a few days and Joey wasn’t allowed in a particular room so his little … Continue reading

Thinking furry thoughts

Six months ago today our furbaby went to furry heaven.

I had Joey for 17 1/2 years. Curt, Joey and I were a family for a little more than 11 years. My two boys started off with a love/hate relationship. Eventually it was love/love.

Losing Joey has been one of the hardest things I have ever gone through. For almost my entire adult life he was in it. He was my first and only pet all my own. He was a constant in my life and around daily. His unconditional love was his greatest gift (as I am sure with most pets). His second greatest gift was what a cuddle bug he was. He fit perfectly in our house as we love to lounge and watch TV and movies.

Joey kept people informed on what he was up via his blog. Curt even helped him with his last post, which went live the day after he died. (I just reread it and laughed and mostly cried.) I wrote my own farewell to Joey, too.

Luckily my baby didn’t suffer for too long. And his health only really went down hill the last two months of his life. … Continue reading