Do you want to be happy?

As much as I hate to admit this I used to watch Dr. Phil.

His famous line (at least with me) was, Do you want to be right or do you want to be married?

I realize he was trying to keep the peace in a relationship. But damnit, sometimes you just want to be right!

Eventually his ego and attitude irritated me and I stopped watching.

But what I took from his question was, do you want to be happy?

Let’s be realistic. Circumstances, education, basic survival among other major things can be reasons why happiness is not a priority.

And, obviously, we can’t be happy all day every day (stole that quote from Charlotte from Sex and the City movie).

Recently I have been looking at things in my life and making some decisions and choices and evaluations.

Basically I am happy. But I continue to work and strive for more. I am working to make myself content and happy and to be fulfilled.

When looking at your own life and figuring out what you can and can’t realistically change you can’t compare your life to others. Never assume someone else’s life is perfect.

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Life can be unstable & out of control

The opposite of instability is … not certainty … it’s faith.

Vickie was teaching that to us during our practice yesterday. I like it. And it makes sense.

We all have had at some point in our life instability and lack of control.

I bet most of my readers are experiencing some sort of instability right now.

One of the amazing things about yoga (and there are a lot of amazing things about the practice) is that you can apply regular life stuff to your practice and vice versa.

Yesterday morning we tried various poses while standing on yoga blocks (aka bricks).

It gave an interesting perspective to the poses. I found them slightly easier. But I definitely felt like I had more control. Control within the stability … who would have thought?

When our life is crazy and in chaos we just want something to control. So remember the things you can control and try to accept the things you can’t.

I had an interesting conversation with a woman at the gym tonight before class started. We were talking about things that make people feel grounded. For some it is cooking, practicing yoga, knitting, exercising, gardening.

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Just me, just you … trying to survive life

As I mentioned last week, I recently attended my 20-year high school reunion in my beautiful hometown.

As a Badger alumni I had the option to be a sponsor for the reunion. So Go Fit Girl! was a sponsor along with a few others.

With my sponsorship I received an acknowledgement on a banner, in the pamphlet in the goodie bag, my business card in the goodie bag and a mention at the dinner/dance that Saturday night.

There were four Badger business owners who sponsored and a few other local business who also sponsored.

During Pat’s shout out (she was the head of the Reunion Planning Committee) to those who sponsored the reunion she mentioned Go Fit Girl! and that everyone should read the blog for tips, like the one where  you can drink good beer and still maintain a healthy lifestyle.

My goal for myself is to maintain the healthiest and most realistic lifestyle I can for me. I believe in moderation. I like to eat and I like to drink. But I also want to be, look and feel healthy.

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To live, to breathe

Breathing is important. In order to live we have to breathe, right?

I love to share things I learn in yoga. I feel like I am always learning something new about yoga, my practice and my body.

Months ago in Vickie’s class we learned about breathing into our intercostal muscles. I wrote about this new discovery back then.

We worked on it tonight as well. What Vickie also had us do as we laid on our sides was to feel our ribs. I didn’t realize how high up the ribs go. Do you know they go up to your armpit?

When in a challenging yoga pose instructors really have the class focus on breathing. They want us to breathe through an uncomfortable situation. Breathe through that burning thigh or crazy twist. Breathing into a pose can also help you get deeper into a pose.

We are reminded that life is uncomfortable and we can’t always straighten our leg or unbind. So we must learn to deal with uncomfortable situations with our breath. It is a pretty amazing practice to learn.

Whether practicing yoga or stretching before or after a workout I notice the more I focus on inhale … Continue reading