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Do you want to be happy?

As much as I hate to admit this I used to watch Dr. Phil. His famous line (at least with me) was, Do you want to be right or do you want to be married? I realize he was trying to keep the peace in a relationship. But damnit, sometimes you just want to be […]

Life can be unstable & out of control

The opposite of instability is … not certainty … it’s faith. Vickie was teaching that to us during our practice yesterday. I like it. And it makes sense. We all have had at some point in our life instability and lack of control. I bet most of my readers are experiencing some sort of instability […]

Just me, just you … trying to survive life

As I mentioned last week, I recently attended my 20-year high school reunion in my beautiful hometown. As a Badger alumni I had the option to be a sponsor for the reunion. So Go Fit Girl! was a sponsor along with a few others. With my sponsorship I received an acknowledgement on a banner, in […]

To live, to breathe

Breathing is important. In order to live we have to breathe, right? I love to share things I learn in yoga. I feel like I am always learning something new about yoga, my practice and my body. Months ago in Vickie’s class we learned about breathing into our intercostal muscles. I wrote about this new […]