Opening the hips

In Baxter’s Hatha Yoga class tonight we worked a lot with the hips. About half the class we were lying down–my kind of yoga. Though we were definitely working.

Pigeon Pose is my favorite hip opener. I forget about the many other ways to open the hips.

Today we did an “extreme” half Happy Baby pose.

Happy Baby is probably one of my least favorite poses. It’s a difficult pose for me to do. It really works the hips for me and is a great opener. But I find it uncomfortable to the point where I feel stuck. I have to be very careful when coming out of the pose.

We also did a lunge hip opener.

The two poses were putting our bodies into the same positions. Just one on our back and the other on our feet. It was an interesting way to look at it and practice.

I have a feeling my hips will be sore tomorrow … but in a good way.

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Yoga is constantly challenging me

I attended my regular Friday night Forrest Yoga class. Man, that class is intense. Such an amazing and sweaty workout. I made some new discoveries with my practice today. While in Dolphin Pose, Kristin gives us the option to do Dolphin and then two variations of Dolphin, each a level higher than the next. I usually just choose to do Dolphin as that pose is pretty intense. But today I decided to try Dolphin with one leg up in the air. It felt good.

There are times when the instructors show the class a pose and then ask the students do it. Most of the time they are rather challenging and I scoff at them–especially the arm balances. But today I took on the more advanced Dolphin.

And I recently felt confident enough to attempt Bird of Paradise. We usually start in a lunge while in the bind and then step the back foot forward and then bring the other foot up. Of course, I don’t look like the woman in the link I provided. I am at about Step 4 in that pose series. We did that pose tonight as well. I am so happy with myself … Continue reading