Routine mammogram important to healthy living

On Tuesday I had my very first mammogram.

Last year my doctor told me once I was 40 I should have a mammogram within a year after. Once I turned 40 I started getting reminders in the mail about scheduling the appointment.

I recently had a new patient/new doctor visit after we moved. We talked about me having a mammogram. Because of my history and family history it was my decision whether or not to start the baseline process now.

So many women I know have had breast cancer. Women a little older than me, my age and much younger than me.

That’s scary.

So I decided I should start the baseline now at age 40.

I was a little nervous to have the mammogram done. I mean, you hear things and see movies …

The experience was as pleasant as having your breast handled, pulled and smashed between two plates in a machine while you hold still and don’t breathe can be.

My technician, Sharon, was kind and explained everything that would happen.

And really, the experience was a lot better than I thought. It was better than having a pap smear … But not better than having your … Continue reading

Celebrate Stoptober & be aware this month

I seriously had no ideas for an October Monthly Challenge. I was just not going to do one.

But I decided to post on the Monthly Challenge Facebook page asking friends if they had any suggestions. And I got two almost immediately. Thanks, Rosie and Jen!

My friend Rosie is from the UK and this month is Stoptober, which means being sober and smoke-free for the month. Read more about it here.

If you’re a smoker, this might be a great time to think about quitting. It may not happen this month. But think about how much healthier (and nicer smelling) you will be if you quit.

I told Rosie that this is my birthday month and there is no way I am gonna give up drinking even with the supposed gold pass of one time to cheat this month. I mean, I am going to Tahiti next week and plan on having a lot of fuu-fuu drinks!

But hey, it’s always a good idea to limit alcohol. So maybe keep your drinking to only the weekends. Or cut your usual alcohol intake in half. Or if you really want to get crazy, try not drinking for the whole … Continue reading