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Review Wednesday: Jamberry nail wraps

I have talked about my thin, peeling nails before. For more than a year I have been trying to get them back to healthy with no more peeling. I started using Nail-Aid after gel rescue, which seemed to help a little. I also started taking calcium every day. My friend Heather is a Jamberry consultant. I […]

Keeping nails, hands, feet healthy

I had my nails done recently, probably for the first time ever in Oregon. (When I lived in Oregon right after college I didn’t have a lot of money and rarely had a manicure and at that point had never had a pedicure.) Last week as I was getting ready to dip my toes in the […]

The nail experiment

I believe there are things you can do for yourself and in your life to be and feel healthy. When we look good we feel good, right? When we feel taken care of we feel good, too. To help me with my stresses in life (and because I also deserve pampering) I regularly get massages […]

Cuticle cutting can be unhealthy

A classmate recently opened a nail salon and day spa in my hometown, Tucson. Christina, the owner of greentoes, recently posted an article on Facebook she came upon titled To Cut Cuticles or Not? I regulary get manicures and pedicures. And I have my cuticles cut. It’s a double-edged sword. I get them cut because they […]