Please say thank you

Thank you for reading my blog.

Please keep reading it.

Simple manners are so easy and quite appreciated.

This weekend I have the task of writing thank-you notes for my birthday gifts. It used to be a joke with friends that within a week of my birthday a thank-you card would arrive. I am not quite as quick these days.

I grew up with a woman who had my brother and me write thank-you notes for gifts received.

On Christmas morning right after we finished opening our gifts we marched to the phone and called all of our grandparents to thank them for their generosity.

As technology advances hand-written notes seem to have disappeared.

At first I was so not OK with this. I know we are all busy. But I am busy, too. And when I take time to buy someone something or make it I expected a hand-written note.

I have gotten a little more lenient on my feelings with this. A hand-written note is always welcomed and appreciated. But I am willing to take an e-mail or e-card. Texts–eh, not so much.

But the very least an acknowledgement is necessary. How does the person know you received … Continue reading