Getting grounded in my feet

Active legs, calm mind. … Feet are made for standing on. 

~Ann in yoga teacher training last night

In yesterday’s Saturday yoga teacher training the first half of class we worked on standing poses, which was taught by Ann.

Standing poses are structural and energetic. What happens in life if those are lacking?

We really focused on grounding our feet and legs.

You have to go down to go up. It’s true in life and in yoga. In order for the spine to go up, the feet and legs have to go down.

Tightness and weakness in our legs and feet transfer to the neck and shoulders. And where do most of us hold our stress? I know I hold mine in my neck and shoulders most certainly.

We should be constantly asking ourselves how we can move through our yoga practice and life with less effort and more ease?

Did you know that insomnia is a result of being ungrounded? Ann told us that. And I wanted to find something that said that for certain. I found information (MayoClinic Insomnia Causes) that talked about insomnia causes, which to me sound like an ungrounded person but … Continue reading