Properly discarding of medications

Part of the moving and packing process is going through stuff and hopefully throwing a bunch of stuff out while donating lots of other stuff worthy of reuse by someone else.

We have lots of old medicines, prescription and over the counter in our medicine cabinet.

There’s a drop off place near us where we take paints, e-waste, batteries and other items.

I decided to check and see if they took old medications and if they didn’t how to go about properly discarding of them.

If you are in the East Bay, there are facilities through Stop Waste in Fremont, Hayward, Livermore and Oakland.

Go to the website for hours (which recently expanded) and items you can drop off. According to the site, you don’t even have to get out of your car. You can show up in your pajamas!

Most places likely take most medications. But likely can’t take controlled substances. They might be able to be dropped off elsewhere. Stop Waste lists one place in the East Bay, San Leandro, to drop off controlled substances.

If you can’t find a place to drop off controlled substances the FDA has recommendations on how to discard.

The FDA … Continue reading

Quieting my cough

Most of my posts lately have been about this crappy cold I have. Well, enough already, right? Yea, that’s what I am thinking. (But it ain’t over yet.)

This cold started Christmas night and still lingers. On Friday the cold moved to my chest.

The congestion in my head and nose is almost gone. But I have this annoying cough. I have tried so many different kind of medicines. I am thinking the Mucinex in liquid form is the best medicine so far. And the kinda yucky tasting generic honey lemon cough drops work pretty well.

The past few nights I have slept horribly because I wake up numerous times hacking like a maniac. At some point last night I grabbed an extra pillow from the spare room to prop myself up. I am not sure if it actually worked. (I plan to try three pillows tonight.)

I did a little research today to see if I could find anything to help with my cough, especially while I am trying to sleep (as is The Husband).

According to this eHow article: How to Ease a Cough I am pretty much following all the advice. I have been drinking lots … Continue reading