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Accountability=successful weight loss

At one point over the summer I realized I needed accountability with my food and drink intake. Even though I worked out almost every day I wasn’t monitoring my food intake and I wasn’t losing weight even though I wanted to get back to my goal weight. I needed accountability with food tracking. In the […]

Staying on track … or not

This past week I was in Tucson for a family matter: My 90-year-old grandpa had a tumor removed from his colon on Tuesday. Surgery is serious for everyone. But for a 90-year old, well, that’s another story. I decided it was important for me to be home to visit with my grandpa and be there […]

Are you being good?

Are you eating healthy? Are you on Plan (aka Weight Watchers Plan)? For anyone who has tried to lose weight or tried to maintain a healthy lifestyle that can be a question you hear from your friends especially as you are trying to decide where to eat lunch. I had a lunch date today. I […]

Quiet, loungy, lazy Christmas day

Because it is Christmas both the gym and yoga studio were closed today. If the yoga studio had been opened I probably would have taken a yoga class today as there wouldn’t be any classes at the gym and it is rather difficult for me to get that motivated. I had debated if I should […]

UGH! Time for some sort of detox

I had a good weekend in Tucson. I saw lots of family, ate good food and had numerous drinks. I knew there would be little if any healthy options to eat. Which I was completely OK with. I hoped I would get a little yoga in with Hilda. We talked about doing yoga together. But […]

Ready for the weekend?

As I do most Fridays I worked from home today. I also attended the 10 a.m. yoga class. I either take that class on Fridays or the now 5:30 p.m. class. It was important for me to keep my exercise as regular as possible since I am going to Tucson this weekend. We are celebrating […]

Really needing some motivation

Yesterday I broke my exercise streak. The horrendous commute home got me to my house a little after 6. My Wednesday night Hatha class with Baxter starts at 6. I could have gone to the 7:30 class. But I wasn’t in the mood. Plus, I had to make and eat dinner and do all the […]

2 daiquiris, 3 beers and a Bloody Mary

And that was just today. I spent the past three days in Tucson. When I arrived Friday night there was an eegee’s slushie drink waiting for me in the car. I can’t think of a better way to arrive in Tucson. Well, having my mom meet me at baggage claim was pretty awesome, too. When […]

Comfort food

This morning I went to the grocery to get this coming week’s food and to make a big pot of soup, enchiladas, rice and beans. Unfortunately last week one of our friends lost his mother. In times like these it is hard to know what to do or what to say. So we say we […]

Yoga to end the workweek

I was crazy busy at the end of my workday but I made sure I was outta there at 5:10 so I could make my 5:30 yoga class, which I hadn’t attended in something like 6 weeks. It was a good class. Tough, but good. The air doesn’t seem to be working in the classroom. […]