Albany yoga basics workshop

Over the weekend Curt and I were in his hometown.

Curt is from a small Missouri town. So small that they don’t have yoga among other things.

I held a yoga workshop for members of the community.

I love finding ways to bring yoga to anyone who wants to experience the practice.

It was my first workshop, which I called Albany Yoga Basics Workshop.

I taught the ladies basic yoga poses while also focusing on alignment and our breath. I also taught them some basic Restorative Yoga poses.

I was able to work on my language and really focus on teaching true beginners, which I feel is my specialty right now as a yoga teacher.

I really do enjoy teaching.

This was extra fun as all the women were familiar with each other and many are close friends.

They laughed and made jokes and enjoyed themselves.

They all got to take home a copy of the sequence we practiced so they can practice at home or even with each other.

I plan to try to get inventive and continue to bring yoga to a community that enjoys it and wants it. Stay tuned Albany, Mo.!

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Teaching my first yoga “class”

Over the weekend Curt and I were in Missouri visiting his parents for our annual deer season trip. If you want to read more about that, you can go here.

I have practiced yoga with friends and family before where I am essentially instructing. But it is usually just one-on-one.

On Saturday late afternoon, my mother-in-law, Marilyn, and I did my calming, curbing sadness practice. We both felt pretty Zen afterward.

On Sunday two friends, Donna and Heather, came over and practiced with us.

It was the first time I taught my first mini yoga “class.” My “class” had a variety of ages, flexibility, parts of the body with injuries or care needed. And everyone was a beginner. So it was the perfect opportunity for me to practice my “teaching.”

And I bet no one can say they have ever taught or taken a yoga class with the smell of venison jerky in the making looming in our “studio” (aka basement).

About a week ahead of time I asked my “students” if there was anything in particular they wanted to work on. Some of the requests were core and low back pain issues.

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Hunting for protein

I am a carnivore. Though I don’t need to eat meat with every meal and actually am a regular consumer of salads and brown rice and veggies.

Until I met Curt I was a little weirded out by the idea of venison. But now I love it. I love it as burger, tenderloin, jerky, pepperoni sticks …

And venison is a protein. You know how I love my protein. And it is a very lean meat with very little fat.

According to Livestrong, wild venison can have 35 g protein per 4-ounce serving and contains about 120 calories.

Before I met Curt I (in my ignorance) I assumed anyone with a gun was a crazy nut job. Yes, I am from Arizona. But I never grew up around guns and am not comfortable around them.

For at least the past five years in a row (and a few other times tricked in) Curt and I have traveled to Missouri for the opening of deer season.

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