Healthy living at 40

Right now in my life I am the healthiest I have ever been in my whole entire life.

And I’m 40.

I’m at a healthy weight. I eat pretty healthy. I drink alcohol in moderation. I rarely have soda. I exercise regularly. My stress levels are fairly low. I drink a lot of water. I practice yoga almost every day.

I teach five cycle classes a week. That means I do about an hour of cardio five times a week. I have a home yoga practice where I practice the sequence I teach four to six times a week. (I squeeze in a yoga class as a student myself occasionally. Wish it was more often.)

I am not the lightest weight ever in my adult life. (I am about 35 pounds lighter than when I first started my quest to lose weight in October 2006.)

But just because you are skinny or thin doesn’t mean you are healthy. Ever heard of skinny fat? I believe I could have been skinny fat, when I could eat and drink whatever I wanted and not gain weight.

I wrote about skinny fat in the past titled, Skinny doesn’t mean healthy.

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Seeing results with healthy choices

I know that there are so many things challenging about the holidays. There is stress, overeating, over drinking … etc.

But we can overcome a lot of that and stay on a healthy track.

When I quit my job a little more than two months ago I thought the weight would fall off and I would easily fall back to my goal weight rather quickly.

Well, that didn’t happen and then I went on vacation.

Once back from vacation I got back on the healthy eating and regular exercise routine with indoor cycling and yoga (both public classes and my own home practice). I was also able to control my stress levels much more at that point.

I have been at it for about six weeks and am pleased with my results.

Yes, it can be difficult to maintain healthy living during the holidays. But it is possible.

When I first started on my weight loss track eight years ago I lost weight over Thanksgiving and Christmas.

So far this year I lost weight over Thanksgiving. I made sure to get my exercise in last week while still enjoying food and wine, all in moderation.

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Is there a benefit to stretching?

The other day on the radio I heard about a new study, which recently came out saying you shouldn’t stretch before exercise.

I guess I had never given this much thought. I don’t normally stretch before I exercise. But whether I am spinning, practicing yoga or in a body conditioning class we start slow and warm up and then build the intensity.

Experts differ on whether you should stretch before or after or even at all.

This WebMD article quotes a few studies along with the American College of Sports Medicine, which says: Regular flexibility exercises are “crucial to maintaining joint range of movement.” … Some studies have shown that regular flexibility exercises help maintain your range of movement as you age. … Studies also show that regularly stretching the muscles that are constantly shortened through your work posture or daily routine can ease and prevent chronic pain.

Also in the same WebMD article,  there is not substantial evidence that stretching before exercise lowers risk of injury, decreases muscle soreness after exercise, or improves your performance.

A dynamic stretch can get your body moving before a workout. A good example of a dynamic stretch is standing Cat-Cow pose.

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Caffeine free?

Since I have been sick I haven’t had coffee. It’s been almost two weeks.

My last cup of coffee was Christmas Eve morning. Though it is possible I had some Christmas morning. Because I wasn’t sick quite yet. But I think I had a fuu-fuu white chocoate Ghiradelli drink thing. And it was good! OK, after looking up the link I realize that appears to have coffee in it. But it can’t be that much. I added two tablespoons of the powder to a cup of hot milk.

Now I normally drink coffee every day. On the weekends we make it at home. And we make good coffee at home. We drink Blue Bottle coffee. Yes, we are now coffee snobs.

At work we have Starbucks and Peet’s. They are OK. But they can’t compete with Blue Bottle. I drink coffee at work for a variety of reasons: it’s easy; it’s there; I like caffeine; I think I need caffeine; it’s part of my routine: get to work; crank up computer; fill up water glass and make a cup of coffee; start my work day.

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