Comment Contest Tuesday is about the heart

In honor of Go Fit Girl!’s December Challenge of the Heart this Comment Contest Tuesday is dedicated to that and helping others. If you would like to read the original post, please go here.

Years ago both sides of Curt’s and my families decided to stop giving each other Christmas gifts. Everyone has what they need and for the most part, what they want.

There are so many people who are so much less fortunate than we are. And we want to help them and make Christmas a little better for them.

In the past Curt and I have donated to Brighter Beginnings, Pajama ProgramHeifer International, Planned Parenthood, Charity Choice Gift Cards among others.

We are doing something different this year. But I can’t tell you about it as some of our family members read the blog. But I am excited about this one and promise to share later on.

What are you doing for the Heart Challenge?

A reminder of the December Heart Challenge: Grab an Angel from a tree; run a toy drive; buy a toy (or toys) for a toy drive; deliver toys to needy children. Or find some other worthy … Continue reading

A little history lesson on Toys for Tots

As you have read before, I run the food drive and toy drive at work.

When my company was still in Emeryville (where Pixar is located) I worked with an Emeryville organization called ECAP for the toy drive and food drive.

Because employees live all over the Bay Area we felt it was best to support the community we worked in.

Now that we are in South San Francisco we support organizations in San Mateo County. For the food drive I work with Second Harvest and for the toy drive I work with Toys for Tots.

Since the toy drive recently launched someone inquired how the Marines got involved in Toys for Tots. So, of course, that inspired a post.

I did a little research and found some information on Wikipedia.

You can read the whole history in the link I provided above.

But here’s the quick and dirty: In 1947 a Marine’s wife wanted to donate a homemade doll to a needy kid. But she couldn’t find an organization in which to do so. The Marine gathered a group of reservists to collect toys in Los Angeles. The next year it became a national campaign.

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Exercise, say no, buy toys and don’t gain weight …

And today we launch Go Fit Girl!’s December Monthly Challenge.

December is a challenging month in all aspects of my life. So I am gonna guess that it is the same for most of my readers.

The challenges this month are going to be a little different than the previous months.

Exercise: Exercise 3-4 times a week. Try to keep up your regular routine as much as possible. I know you are busy. But don’t you deserve it? And exercise is a great way to deal with stress. Hey, if you don’t have time to exercise take break and go for a 15-minute walk. You will feel better and be able to concentrate so much better.

Nutrition: Say no once a day, once a week or just once this month to a second serving; to dessert; to bread at the table; to a piece of candy; to a second, third or fourth drink. (That one is going to be tough for me.)

Heart: Grab an Angel from a tree; run a toy drive; buy a toy (or toys) for a toy drive; deliver toys to needy children. Or find some other worthy cause you want to support. Later this month … Continue reading

Getting ready for December

Go Fit Girl! has a lot of exciting things planned for December.

Are you excited? I know I am.

I have been doing a lot of planning and writing and researching in preparation for December.

Just some of the coming attractions are:

The next GFG! Monthly Challenge, which will be posted on Saturday, Dec. 1. This Monthly Challenge is a little different than the past challenges.

Week in the life of Ann on Weight Watchers. A reader wanted to know what I regularly eat to be successful on WW. So I am going to share that with you.

There will be TWO, yes, TWO Comment Contest Tuesdays in December.

There will be THREE, yes, THREE Review Wednesdays in December. And these items could be possible Christmas or Hanukkah gifts or New Year’s or just because gifts.

And all three items can be found in GFG!’s Amazon store.

So make sure to come back in December and read and comment and win prizes and learn lots of good stuff.

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November Monthly Challenge is about fruits, veggies & butts

Ready for Go Fit Girl!’s November Monthly Challenge?

In October we focused our nutrition challenge on Minus 1: decreasing just one cup of coffee or soda or Diet Coke or beer or glass of wine. I have to say that challenge proved to be quite challenging for me: some traveling; birthday celebrations, anniversary celebration, A’s going to the playoffs and the fact that I feed my feelings with food and booze.

I was a little better with the exercise challenge: 1,000 ab exercises a week. I didn’t complete the 1,000 every week. But most weeks I got some ab work in.

OK, on to November challenges:

Nutrition: Gotta get yer 5 (or 35). We all know how important our fruits and veggies are. But do we get enough in every week or even every day? So your challenge this month is to try to get 5 fruits and veggies in every day/35 a week.

Find new and yummy ways to get your veggies in. Seasonings make everything taste better.

I learned over the summer that I have to be careful with certain fruits. Everything in moderation.

Exercise: The Booty! We are going to focus on the glutes this month. … Continue reading

Minus 1 drink, abs/core work are featured in this Monthly Challenge

The first Go Fit Girl! Monthly Challenge seemed successful. Trying to increase or get your water intake to at least 48-64 ounces a day and either trying yoga for the first time or if a regular yogi, trying a new teacher or new kind of class/practice.

Today launches Go Fit Girl’s October Monthly Challenge.

And the challenges are:

Nutrition: Minus 1.

Do you drink more than one cup of coffee a day, how about numerous Diet Cokes? Do you have more than one glass of wine or beer when you get home at night?

If you are a regular soda drinker, whether regular or diet (I know there are a bunch of Diet Coke heads out there) or caffeine or booze … try to eliminated just one a day every day this month. If you want to cut the amount down by more feel free.

If you normally drink 10 Diet Cokes a day, try to just have nine. If you have three cups of coffee each morning, try to just have two. For booze, either try to just drink on the weekends (my normal alcohol intake is Friday through Sunday) or if you regularly drink during the week … Continue reading

Chugging water, practicing yoga

I meant to write this post on Monday. But this has been a crazy and exhausting week.

OK, how are you non-Facebook Go Fit Girl’s Monthly Challenge participants doing?

There are 21 people participating in the Facebook event.

One participant let the group know that she recently took a CPR class and was told my the instructor that we all wake up dehydrated. So drinking a glass of water before your morning coffee is recommended.

And without even trying I do that most mornings, especially on days that I ride into work where I slurp down 24 ounces of water (750 mL).

Another participant signed up for yoga in the park. What a great idea! Unfortunately the Bay Area had crazy thunderstorms that day. So she wasn’t able to attend. But it was a great idea.

This challenge is definitely encouraging people to monitor and increase their water intake. And make more trips to power their noses.

I recently upgraded my CamelBak water bottle from a 16 ounce (500 mL) to 24 ounce (750mL) container. I find using the CamelBak increases my water intake. It is easy to drink out of with very few spill mishaps.

Since my upgrade … Continue reading

Get your water, yoga in for this month’s Monthly Challenge

OK, GFG! readers, today marks GFG!’s first Monthly Challenge.

There will be two challenges. One focused on exercise and one focused on nutrition.

In honor of National Yoga Month I thought I would make the first exercise challenge about yoga.

If you have never taken yoga before, try a class. If you occasionally or regularly practice yoga try a new teacher, class or type of yoga.

Because it is National Yoga Month gyms are likely offering more classes (I know mine is). Yoga studios may be offering something in honor. There could even be free yoga in the park. Check with Parks & Rec schedules in your city/town.

The nutrition challenge for September will be about getting your daily water intake in.

If you don’t drink much water every day (like you love the soda or Diet Coke, etc.) try to double your water in take every day for the month. If you drink a reasonable amount of water already try to get in six to eight 8 ounce servings in every single day.

The event invite has been posted to Facebook. Click here to view. Don’t forget that you can still participate in the Monthly Challenge even … Continue reading

New features on GFG!


Go Fit Girl! is excited to announce two new features coming to the blog starting this month.

GFG! is launching Review Wednesday and Monthly Challenge.

Review Wednesday: I will review a product once a month on a Wednesday. If you have suggestions for items you would like me to review I would love to hear from you. Depending on cost of an item I may or may not be able to review it. And hey, if you want to send me an item to review I will! (The ratings will be from 1/2 a dumbbell up to 5–pictured above.)

Monthly Challenge: After talking with gym friends and finding out that they were interested in participating in some of the challenges my wellness work program provides I decided to try challenges starting this month through the end of the year. If they are successful I will continue them in 2013.

My plan is to have two challenges per month: one focused on nutrition and one focused on some form of exercise. I can’t commit that the challenge will be the first day of each month. But it will be at the beginning of each month.

The Monthly Challenge event invites … Continue reading