Vegas, baby!

For me Vegas means a lot of drinking and a lot of eating with just a little gambling (mostly penny slots as I don’t like to lose my money).

Curt and I head to Vegas on Thursday night. Our friends Jen and Dave will join us Friday morning.

Jen and I were talking about trying to get a few workouts in while on our  fun-filled long weekend of eating, drinking, gambling, NCAA tourney watching, Mystere watching, pool lounging good time.

So Jen decided to do a little research. She went to Google and typed in “best place to exercise in vegas.” The first hit she got was How to Avoid Exercise in Vegas. I decided to search for the same thing she did and I came upon the same first hit. The thing is, do we really need information on how to avoid exercise in Vegas? I am sure we are already clearly aware how to avoid exercise in Vegas or anywhere on vacation or really anytime in life.

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2 daiquiris, 3 beers and a Bloody Mary

And that was just today.

I spent the past three days in Tucson. When I arrived Friday night there was an eegee’s slushie drink waiting for me in the car. I can’t think of a better way to arrive in Tucson. Well, having my mom meet me at baggage claim was pretty awesome, too.

When I got to my mom’s she asked if I was hungry. So she heated me up a few green corn tamales in the microwave. Oh, so yummy and so bad for you and me.

The following morning my aunt, uncle and cousins came over for breakfast. We had chorizo, menudo and Mexican pastries. All delicious and all NOT healthy. After that a visit to Grandma’s and a beer. Then back to Mom and Fred’s for some lounging and wine and cheese and bread. Then to my friend Shelly’s for a barbecue. Then to dinner with my mom, stepdad, brother, his girlfriend, along with a glass of wine and some pizza.

Sunday morning eggs, bacon and toast for breakfast. Then I headed to my grandpa’s for a visit and a beer. After that another visit to my grandma’s, where I was … Continue reading

Back at that spin

After about a week and a half I went back to spin today.

The class was tough. But it was good to be there. I could only stay for spin (no abs/core or body conditioning) since I was heading to a baseball game with Curt, my grandpa and my dad.

Over the past work week meetings, work, getting ready for guests, having guests got in the way of my gym time.

I was out of town last weekend. And you know what happens when out of town and having guests visiting: lots of eating out and little gym time.

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Time at the gym … not happening

The past few weeks I have struggled to get to the gym–but I still managed to work out four times a week.

This week is looking like … 0.

I had every intention to go to yesterday’s noon spin class. Then an unexpected meeting came up. I have every intention of trying the noon Zumba class today (since I have/had a ton of stuff to do after work in anticipation of my grandpa and father’s visit starting tomorrow). Normally on Tuesdays I attend the evening spin class. Couldn’t make noon Zumba because I ended up having an extra meeting added to my agenda for the day for a total of SIX meetings today.

I was thinking I might go to the 6:15 a.m.–yes, I did say in the morning–body conditioning class tomorrow morning. But I am highly doubting that is really gonna happen.

My dad and grandpa arrive tomorrow. So no night Zumba class. My grandpa goes to bed fairly early and I want to see him as much as I can.

At least I did a fair amount of walking over the weekend. Curt and I were in Tacoma visiting my cousin and his family. We did a lot … Continue reading

2 pounds of weekend weight gain

Curt and I were in Missouri over the weekend visiting his parents.

On Thursday, the day before we left town, I weighed in. And I weighed in today–day after we came back. I gained 2 pounds.

Musta been the fried shrimp dinner and beers at the Ground Round in St. Joe; or fried tenderloin sandwiches; or the homemade (from scratch) pumpkin pie; or the homemade apple crisp; or the enchiladas; or the eggs and bacon at Poppa’s; or the many glasses of wine; or the cream cheese shrimp appetizer …

Ed, my father-in-law, said he wanted to make sure I left Albany heavier than when I arrived. Ha! Well, it is a done deal, Ed.

But I had some amazing meals–home cooking, good Midwestern comfort food. And it was a great visit with the in-laws.

I really pushed myself in spin today–knowing I gotta work off those 2 pounds plus .2 to get back to my goal weight.

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Oh, so close to goal weight

I normally weigh in on Mondays, which I did last Monday and was, I believe, 2.4 pounds from my goal weight–on track with losing weight.

I decided to weigh in on Thursday–right before heading to Missouri to visit the in-laws (eating home cooked food and, of course, Midwestern food). Really, I was curious how much I would gain over this weekend.

When I weighed in Thursday I was just .2 away from my goal weight. I couldn’t believe it. I seriously have no idea how I lost almost2 pounds in four days.

Anyway, so we’ll see what the scale says when I weigh in on Tuesday.

Oh, I did get some exercise in yesterday. Marilyn, my mother-in-law, and I went for a walk with Katie, little doggie. It was a nice walk–about 45 minutes.

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Another bag of baby carrots

I did my weekly weigh-in today and dropped another 2 pounds.

I am really proud of how well I am doing. It isn’t hard to lose–you just need the knowledge and I do have to say a little will power.

I need to be back to a reasonable weight before heading to Europe in about five weeks. Because who knows what I will be eating while in Budapest, Prague, Vienna and parts of Germany. I highly doubt goulash is low fat. 🙂

I want to be at a reasonable weight regardless. But it would be nice to have a few pounds to play with while on vacation.

At least there will be a lot of walking while gone for two weeks.

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Exercise room?

We are in Napa right now … enjoying a relaxing weekend.

Last night I went down into the vending area to get some ice. I noticed right next to the ice machine was a door with a sign that said Exercise Room. I peeked in there. It was dark and small, but there were at least 4 cardio machines in there. I had no idea they even had one. Too bad I didn’t bring my tennies or the urge to work out.

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Switching it up

I couldn’t attend my normal Wednesday morning yoga class today because I attended a CPR certification class and had to be at work a little earlier to be there on time for the start of the class.

So I went to the 6:30 p.m. spin class after work.

This is a weird week for me between work schedule, short week, being out of town, etc.

Curt and I are heading to Napa tomorrow night–so no spin after work. And I have a lunch meeting so no lunch time spin (with my Saturday spin teacher). I briefly thought about taking the 6:15 a.m. spin class tomorrow. And I realized that that was way too nuts and there was no way in hell I was getting up at 5:30 in the morning. That would make my day just way too long.

I took that 6:15 class once. It was so hard. And by 2 p.m. I was ready to crawl under my desk and take a nap–I really hit the mat.

I am really hoping to at least get a 20-minute walk in sometime tomorrow. I need to just sked it on my calendar and go!

Friday and Saturday there won’t be … Continue reading

Lots of walking

While in Massachusetts I walked, a lot.
Curt stayed in Wellesley for his training at the Babson College Conference Center. Apparently they had a nice fitness center, which I never visited.
But while in Boston we walked a lot. We had a car–but just left it in the garage. We did a decent amount of walking while in Cambridge yesterday, too.
I won’t talk about my eating and drinking habits … but hey, at least I walked a lot.

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