Giving to others is the best gift

Remember when you were a little kid and you would be so excited about your birthday? As an adult I wait for that feeling and well, it doesn’t happen. I guess that is just part of getting older. Don’t get me wrong, I have no issues with getting older. In fact, I love it. I love when people are baffled by “how old” I really am.

Speaking of birthdays, today is my birthday. I take the day off from work to do stuff just for me.

I feel really lucky to have a job where it is OK to take the day off and is never questioned. And that I can pamper myself with a mani/pedi AND a massage. Yup, I went all out this year.

Since I had the day off I also had the opportunity to visit a women’s day center and drop off some donations.

I collect toiletries from hotels when I travel. I also have a high sensitivity to perfumes and lotions. So if I ever get those as gifts they get thrown into the donation pile and get used by someone else.

In my decluttering I got rid of lots of stuff, including some housewares.

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Birthday weekend celebration

I spent my birthday weekend in Napa. There was lots of good food eaten and wine drank and beer and mimosas.

After spin class on Saturday Curt and I headed up to the Napa Valley. We had lunch at our favorite Italian restaurant. There were wine tastings at Mumm and Andretti, where I am a member. So all the tastings I want.

There was dinner (yea for mac and cheese!) and beers and brunch and mimosas. And more beer at McNally’s and sushi and beer to end the weekend.

I took today off for a mental health day. I spent the morning lounging and then headed to the noon spin class, which used to be a regular class for me before my company moved.

I almost skipped spin today to keep the lazy on. But I knew I would regret not going.

Four other regulars, plus, of course, Jenn, were there and all of those I consider good  friends. We were all chatty and having a good time right before and as class started.

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