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Training, travel and all that comes with it

As I am writing this I am sitting at a restaurant at the Oakland airport waiting for my flight to Dallas. I am attending the International Trademark Association Annual Meeting. The past two years I have attended the Trademark Administrator’s Conference. But because they are revamping that conference/training there is not one this year. So […]

Low cal Sexy Sangria for the win

Last night was our friends’ Monica and Malcolm’s annual holiday Cocktail Competition party. The past three years the party has been a competition. We didn’t make it the first competition party because we were out of town (but had been to it in the past). The idea is everyone makes some sort of cocktail. We […]

Comment Contest Tuesday

So … no one took advantage of the extra Comment Contest Tuesday entries. I am guessing that I have been writing a post every day for the past week and not a single person has read any of them. Oh well. You can now redeem yourself. (Though you can no longer participate in the Early […]

Making better food choices

Today was Day 1 of getting back to maintaining a healthier way of eating/living/exercising. (And I really needed to detox after the way I have been eating lately, especially this past weekend. There was a lot of eating out, drinking, having deliciously unhealthy food. I wish I didn’t love cheese so much.) I had oatmeal […]

Dancing is a great work out

Friday night was my company holiday party. I ate a little more than I probably should have. And had 3-4 glasses of wine. But man, I danced like crazy. My calves still hurt tonight from all that jumping around, having fun, sweating and being a dancing fool. I love dancing. And it’s a great work […]

Spin=3 times in one week

So my goal for at least the past month has been to go to spin three times and yoga three times in a single week. And this is the week I did it. Monday, Wednesday, Friday was yoga–fairly common. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday was spin–not so common. I am really proud of myself for being able […]