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Thanks, Piedmont and farewell

There are so many great things about taking yoga classes, especially at a studio. Establishing a yoga community is such an important part of the practice. While in Oakland I regularly took classes from two yoga studios. Piedmont Yoga Studio is where I did my yoga teacher training and also took classes from teachers who […]

Listen and notice

I feel very fortunate that I was able to take a master yoga class on Wednesday with Rodney Yee and Colleen SaidmanĀ at Piedmont Yoga Studio in Oakland. As expected, the class was packed even though it was 9 on a Wednesday morning. It was a 2-hour class. But it didn’t feel like two hours. Rodney […]

My Triangle transformation

A little more than a year ago I applied to the Piedmont Yoga teacher training program, which I graduated from at the end of June. An optional part of the application was to include a picture of myself in Utthita Trikonasana (Extended Triangle Pose), which is the picture in the top left corner, taken last […]

Bringing Your Heart Into Backbends

As a yoga teacher challenges can come up in a class you hadn’t planned for or expected. Last night my friend Sandra and I co-taught a beginner yoga class, which is part of the Summer Series fellow Deep Yoga teacher graduates and I are involved in. We taught a beginner backbend class, which we titled […]

Upcoming first official yoga class

In EIGHT days I will be a certified yoga teacher. This has been a long journey at Piedmont Yoga Studio’s Deep Yoga teacher training: 10 months of school, homework, yoga classes, observing and assisting, weekends, Thursday nights … Days after I graduate I am heading to my hometown of Tucson to have some R&R, visit […]

Establishing roots, structure

Doing a yoga teacher training and teaching yoga changes your relationship with yoga. ~Vickie Russell Bell, last night in class Last night was my first night of yoga teacher training class. I was excited, nervous, overwhelmed, tired and ready to learn. One of my regular and favorite yoga teachers, Vickie, taught class last night. The […]

GFG! BIG announcement

In the past 10 months or so I have been doing a lot of thinking, exploring, reflecting and starting to make changes in my life. I am excited and nervous about the opportunity I am about to take on. Starting next week I will begin a 10-month yoga teacher training program at Piedmont Yoga Studio. […]