Planning exercise, caloric intake for weight loss

One of my readers, Keri, asked me a question on my Go Fit Girl! Facebook page earlier this month. I do my best to answer her question(s) here.

Dear Go Fit Girl,

Can you help me understand why I can exercise 5 days a week for two months and not have lost any weight? Seriously, not even a pound.

P.S. Any suggestions on healthful lunches I can make at home and bring to work?

My initial response to her question is with a few questions myself: What kind of exercise are you doing? Does it vary? Have you changed what you are eating? Are you eating more now that you are working out?

When I was losing weight about five years ago the first 20 pounds had to do with my adjustment with food and calories. I hadn’t started exercising yet. I learned how to make better food choices along with portion control. And drinking more water helped as well.

The last 10 pounds I lost while introducing exercise (a lot of yoga) and continuing with my eating in moderation and portion control.

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Month of Magical Eating

Guest Post: Lisa

My eating policies are generally sensible, and owe a lot to Mark Bittman:

  • Lots of fresh vegetables
  • Fresh fruits when they’re high in fiber and nutrients
  • Vegetables and whole grains for breakfast and lunch, and meat for dinner maybe four days a week
  • Little to no refined flour or sugar
  • Protein-rich snacks like string cheese and nuts
  • At least 64 ounces of water daily

And three or four times a year — typically after a vacation or any period where I’ve gone off the healthy-eating reservation — I reboot my system with two weeks straight of eating only vegetables, lean protein and lean dairy like low-fat yogurt and low-fat cheese. No fruits, no breads, no pastas, no sugars or starches. Two weeks is just long enough to file down my sweet tooth, reinforce portion control and remember on how to tell when I’m satiated. It’s definitely a detox for the system, and I’m not exactly starving on any menu that can include (turkey) bacon and … Continue reading

Control portions to control weight gain

Guest post: Michael, our first Go Fit Boy!

Did you know that when Coca-Cola was introduced in 1886, it was available only in 8-ounce servings? Both in fountain glasses and bottles, 8 ounces was it. Later, it went to 12 ounces, a 50% increase.
Then up from there. Now, at convenience stores, you can get a “big gulp” or some other similarly named sugar-laden soft drink often approaching or even exceeding 32 ounces. That’s a 300% increase from the originally intended serving size. It’s also 300% more empty-calorie sugar than the original serving.
Coca-Cola and other soft drinks are the extreme example of the “super-sizing” of our diets. Big increases have occurred with food portion sizes in many restaurants and on our home dining tables.
Our allowance of — nay, insistence on — portion size increase and thus amount of food we take in is largely responsible for all the weight we Americans have gained.
Control portion size, and you control weight. Period.
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Muffin portion control

I watched four episodes of Cook Yourself Thin last night.

There are all kinds of great tips and ideas and recipes to try out. But the one that has been mentioned twice and really stuck with me is when making muffins.

Use an ice cream scooper. This controls the portions and also keep the muffins even. Pretty genuis, eh?

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Salad dressing on the go

This evening I headed to the grocery store after work. One of my least favorite tasks. And as I walked through the aisle containing salad dressing I noticed these great little packets.

I am a huge fan of the spritzers, which are great for home and at the office. But not so great for the purse.

Thought I would share my good find with you. I believe there were three flavors total.

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