Let’s celebrate National Yoga Month

September is National Yoga Month. I know that. But the weird thing is I am having a hard time finding a lot of current information on this.

In honor of of this month I thought I would FINALLY respond to a request from my friend Rosie.

Months ago she asked me for advice for someone who wanted to start practicing yoga.

When I started regularly practicing yoga a little more than five years ago I first started practicing at the gym. For me I was lucky, those classes were good beginner classes. And the instructors were well-experienced teachers as well.

When I started at Namaste I felt lucky then as well, too. All the teachers are pretty amazing and experienced and versatile. I have practiced with many yoga instructors, personalities, styles, types of yoga, class sizes, etc.

So here is my advice to Rosie and anyone else who wants it:

I suggest finding a yoga studio in your area and doing a little research on the instructors who teach at the studio. (You could do the same research on the yoga instructors at your gym.) The yoga studio website should have bios on the teachers and subs. And … Continue reading

Yoga and the digestive system



That is what Baxter announced today as we began our practice. Tonight’s practice was more therapeutic, which I needed after a hectic day, long commute home and a hurried rush to class tonight.

We did a lot of twisting tonight, which really focuses on the digestive system. According to an article on the Yoga Journal web site: There are physiological benefits to the circulatory system and internal organs, structural benefits to the musculoskeletal system, and focusing benefits to your consciousness.

Baxter asked us to see how we feel tonight, how we sleep and how we feel in the morning. I am hoping for a good night of sleep. Lately, Joey (furbaby) has been all clingy at night. He used to just sleep at our feet. But now he sleeps on my stomach, back, chest or right next to me curled into my chest. I already have a hard time sleeping. But I love my furbaby and want to encourage his cuddly ways as they won’t last forever.

This seated twist pose (which we didn’t do tonight) has so many benefits: