Exploring body, emotions with yoga practice

I took Vickie’s Sunday class and tonight’s class. Her classes throughout the week have the same theme and for the most part are the same class.

Sunday’s class was pretty packed and we had to accommodate all the bodies and arms. In order for us to move our arms Vickie had us put our hands near our ears like we were covering our ears, which made me giggle to myself and think of muffin ears, which is what I mistakenly always refer to scenes in Old School where the Vince Vaughn character says “Earmuffs!” and his kid covers his ears and they can say “adult things.”

The things that we really focused on on Sunday were that Vickie reminded us to come back to our intention (which she reminded us tonight as well), our breath and if necessary to “start over.”

In yoga practice one sets an intention at the beginning of class. It can be anything from having a strong practice to practicing patience to sending peace into the world to sending energy to someone in your life needing a little extra love. That’s my favorite intention. If someone I care about is having a hard time I like … Continue reading

It’s about taking care of me again

Tonight I attended the Friday evening Forrest Yoga class. It was a sweaty class with warm air flowing around. Bleh. But the heat really helps you release toxins and get in poses more deeply.

I usually work from home on Fridays. And I did today. I was on a roll with what I was working on. And frankly, I just have a lot of projects going on right now. I could have just kept working.

But I told myself I needed to take care of me and take a break and have an amazing practice.

I am so glad I did. Forrest Yoga is a little different than other yoga practices. Some of it is a little funky. But for the most part I enjoy the practice.

We hold poses longer. We have active feet. We really focus on Ujjayi breath. The instructor comes around and helps everyone get into a pose better or more actively. Today the class was pretty full so the attention to each student wasn’t as much. But I got attention from her at least twice, maybe three times. And once I even got a neck massage. Oh yea!

Taking care of me felt great … Continue reading

Inverting during your period

The yoga instructors I have been taught by tell women not to do inversions during their period. Tonight in yoga we did shoulder stand.

If the instructor does not give an alternative pose I usually choose legs up the wall. Baxter gave us an alternative option tonight. It was almost like legs up the wall but without the wall. I chose to do that. It felt good. The bolster is an amazing tool to use during yoga practice.

In the Yoga Health Benefits article I found: “According to the traditional Yoga philosophy, menstruation is referred to as ‘apana.’ This refers to a downward flow of energy. Performing an inversion when one is experiencing ‘apana’ is thought to interfere with this natural flow of energy.” I have heard this before and I tend to follow this philosophy.

As I was researching for this blog post I found many articles, posts, etc. that said inverting during your period was fine. But all said the individual should decide what is best for her.

If you want to read more, you can go here, here and here. There are, of course, many more out there.

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Working toward Upward Bow Pose

The past 11 days I worked out 11 times. I am pretty amazed by that.

I wasn’t able to work out today. Had some work stuff going on and then a memorial service to attend.

But at my yoga class yesterday I was able to do a pose I have never had the guts to do until yesterday.

You start out in downward dog. Then you create the twist and third you flip the leg, which until yesterday I was too afraid to do. I haven’t gotten to the full pose of Upward Bow Pose.  See the steps here.

The amazing thing about yoga is you always have room for improvement in a pose. You can get deeper from breath and practice. You would think a basic Downward Facing Dog would be easy to “master.” But after almost four years of practicing yoga regularly I am still learning about my own body and of my practice.

The best thing about yoga is the non-competitive nature of the practice.

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Friday evening yoga

After work I headed to the gym for the evening yoga class. I really miss taking yoga more than once a week. But when classes get canceled and other times are tough to fit in your schedule it is what it is. So I take yoga when I can. And, of course, with this class being on Friday evenings I can’t always go. I mean, I do have a social schedule.

Ken has taken over the Friday evening class. He is a really great and fun instructor. The class is now an hour and 15 mins. I have taken an hour and a half yoga class before and that just seems too long. But this timing seemed perfect. And we even went over the time a little. But we got a good suvasana in.

After class I met my girlfriends for yummy sushi and some beer. Good food and good times.

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