Let’s go, Oakland!

Regardless of the reputation of my home state of Arizona and hometown of Tucson I am proud of where I came from. I am proud of the family I came from. I am proud that my red home state went blue in 1996 for Clinton. I am proud that I went to a diverse high school.

Living in Oakland gives you a sense of pride as well.

When Curt and I first moved to the Bay Area more than eight years ago we lived in Berkeley. We had a friend visit and as he left he said he was proud to say he had friends who lived in Berkeley.

I hella <3 Oakland!

I don’t know how to quite explain it. I guess the word is … pride. There is pride about living in Oakland. It’s an awesome feeling being here.

And there is pride about having a scrappy baseball team going to the playoffs two years in a row. Tonight is Game 1 against the Detroit Tigers.

Last year when the A’s went to the playoffs they went up against the same team. I was able to go to the first and last home game. (Curt went … Continue reading

Be proud of who you are

As I type this I am sitting in LAX waiting for my connecting flight from Tucson to Oakland. And I thought I would utilize the free Wi-Fi in the airport to write today’s post.

I spent an extra long weekend in Tucson. My 20-year high school reunion took place over the weekend at a beautiful resort called Starr Pass.

I came in a little early to visit family. (Curt joined me on Friday.) Day 1 I saw both sets of parents, my grandpa, my grandma and my brother.

I love my hometown and my home state despite the crazy politics. True Tucsonans aren’t racist and are proud of where they came from.

I hung out with a lot of old friends from various backgrounds. (One of the greatest things about Tucson High Magnet School is the diversity. The opportunities to learn and explore many things from dance, to science, to photography … is absolutely amazing.) A lot of my my friends from high school are Mexican American, like me.

I have always been proud of who I am, what I am and where I came from. (And a lot of that comes from a family with a sense of … Continue reading