I <3 veggies!

Monday I talked about my munchie-infused snacky day. I mentioned my high-veggie dinner and neighbor/friend/GFG! reader Jessie wanted to know more about my dinner.

So let’s talk veggies (and, of course, I will have to get a shout out to protein … Why? Because I am on a protein kick and protein is good for you and keeps you full.)

My Monday night dinner consisted of steamed spinach, boiled carrots and shrimp and zucchini sautéed in garlic and other seasonings

According to Livestrong, a 3-ounce serving of shrimp has 11.6 grams of protein.

There are very few veggies I won’t eat or at least try.

I used to not be a fan of zucchini and now I love it.

On Monday I cut it up into little pieces sautéed in Pam and garlic with New Orleans Cajun seasoning. Spicy and delicious and most important, filing.

Note: My usual serving of brown rice with a meal is one cup. According to the website, How Much Protein, a half a cup (100 grams) of brown rice has almost 7 grams of protein.

Here are some of my regular veggie-infused meals and/or sides:

Go Fit Girl! calling readers for help … please

Last Saturday in spin class we were doing endurance for a full song, which is the norm. The idea is to have a good amount of resistance on and keep the beat while sitting in the saddle. Jenn always tells us we should feel desperate to get out of the saddle. Thighs should be burning and mine usually are.

During the endurance ride Jenn will come around and check and make sure you are on the beat and make sure your resistance isn’t too heavy or too light. When she checked me she told me I was good or perfect or something to that effect. And then she said, you can write about it. That made me laugh. So I am writing about it …

OK, I need to ask my dear readers for some help.

First, one of my readers, Windy, asked me a question. I am calling all moms to help me answer Windy’s question and a few of mine. Moms, how do you do it all?

Also, Penny had asked me a question about toner shoes: Get tight, fit butt with toner shoes. I want to review a pair of toner shoes so I can … Continue reading

Moms, how do you do it all?

In honor of Mother’s Day I am finally going to work on answering Windy’s question: If you are taking suggestions, I am curious how everyone makes time for exercise with busy lives including getting a kid to school (on time) getting themselves to work (also on time) working (all day) heading home to make/eat dinner (good-for-you) and then being totally wiped out for the night … and then doing the whole thing over again! I think I have the eating (relatively) right down, drinking water vs. soda and basic better-for-you choices, but that whole fitness regimen is just not fitting in for me. Since you are asking, that is what I’d like to hear more about.

I am a busy person as well, long commute, long hours, also the maid and housewife at home and all that other stuff I have to take care of. But I don’t have kids. So this question is difficult for me to answer. In my busy life I do try (and most days succeed) on working out every day or close to it. I have done my own research. But I want to know what real … Continue reading

Comment Contest Tuesday

Comment Contest Tuesday is back, at least for today.

Keeping with the water theme … tell me how you get your daily water in. Do you have tricks, ways to make it easier, enhancers? Or do you just down your daily water with ease and grace?

If you haven’t quite mastered getting a healthy amount of water in every day, how much are you drinking? Why are you struggling?

To participate in Comment Contest Tuesday answer the above question(s) in the comments below. You can comment as much as you like. The comment has to be relevant to the actual question(s). For every time you individually (one comment per reply) comment your name will be thrown into a hat three times. Up to three comments will be counted. So you could have your name in the drawing a total of nine times. Just make sure each comment is in its own reply. Does that make sense? I just don’t want people writing the three comments all in the same reply–I can’t always tell if I should count those once or more than once. Winner and prize will be announced sometime next week. So you have a whole week to come up … Continue reading

Yoga questions with answers

Two of my readers, Jen and Regina, had some yoga questions for me. I punted them to Hilda, who has trained in yoga, is a yoga teacher and a yoga studio manager at the Yoga Connection.

Jen’s first question:

I work out hard all week with weights, treadmill and high-impact Zumba. I’d love to find a yoga class that was just gentle stretching. Do you recommend a particular kind?

Hilda’s answer:

Yin Yoga is the perfect counter practice to the workout you’re doing during the week.

Yin Yoga is a type of yoga practice based in concepts of Taoist Yoga. It emphasizes the connective tissues of the hips, thighs, pelvis and lower spin. It is characterized by the relaxed practice of floor asanas for three to five minutes at a time. Yin Yoga provides the space needed to practice mindfulness by connecting with the breath move inward and reconnect with our center.

Jen’s second question:

I love Bikram Yoga because it helps get the deep stretching in my neck/shoulders that I haven’t found anywhere else, which really helps an old whiplash injury. Unfortunately, Bikram aggravates a knee injury terribly. Is there any class that might work my neck … Continue reading