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Are you inspired by Go Fit Girl!?

Recently I debated if I should keep up with the Go Fit Girl! blog. It’s a decent amount of work. I consider it my second job, which I don’t get paid for, and it is rather time-consuming. I do enjoy maintaining it and doing the research and learning things and sharing it all with my […]

Power of the protein

As I have been focusing on healthy eating (and losing a little weight) I have also been focusing on making sure I get protein into my diet, thanks to my friend Gail. Gail has asked me, where’s your protein when I post something on Facebook that I am eating. So this got me thinking more […]

Go Fit Girl! wants to hear from her readers

I have asked my readers what they think of the new look of the blog. And I haven’t gotten a lot of responses. I know bribery works. So let’s have a Comment Contest Tuesday to get the comments flowing. Tell me what you like about the new look, maybe things you don’t like. Was there […]

Check out Go Fit Girl’s new look

My IT/Webmaster consultant (aka The Husband who also answers to Curt) has done some tinkering with Go Fit Girl! We are still working out some kinks. (Some of my recent posts went missing. And I think they are good as gone, which I am bummed about. Those things take time to write and research. But […]

Go Fit Girl! is thankful for …

      the fact that I am fairly healthy. the fact that I can afford a gym membership … and a yoga studio membership. the fact that I can afford fairly healthy food at the grocery. the fact that my company has a gym on site. my spin teachers, especially Jenn. Baxter’s fun and […]

And we have a Go Fit Boy winner!

Thank you to all of you who participated in the latest Comment Contest Tuesday. The comments were fun and funny to read. I always appreciate the participation. And I definitely appreciate my regular readers and commenters. The winner of the random drawing was Alex, who will receive an Amazon gift card. Thanks again everyone. And […]

Go Fit Girl! calling readers for help … please

Last Saturday in spin class we were doing endurance for a full song, which is the norm. The idea is to have a good amount of resistance on and keep the beat while sitting in the saddle. Jenn always tells us we should feel desperate to get out of the saddle. Thighs should be burning […]