The contagious cold

I have a cold.

And man, it sure makes me tired.

I have skipped the gym since Thursday evening, when I thought I might be getting sick. I don’t exercise when I am sick as I personally believe my energy should be reserved for getting back to healthy. But that’s not what this post is about. (I wrote about that before if you are interested, go here.)

I had heard that a cold is contagious before symptoms even appear.

According to MedTV, the period when you’re most contagious is when your symptoms are at their worst — Day 2 to Day 4 of the cold. You’ll become less contagious as the cold symptoms improve.

Go Ask Alice says, studies show that, if you contract a cold, you can transmit it to others one or two days before your symptoms appear, and up to four or five days after first being exposed to the virus.

According to Discovery Health, if you think about how a virus works, it makes sense that we’re most contagious when our symptoms are at their worst. … So, when are you most contagious? Most experts agree that adults with a cold or the flu start being contagious about … Continue reading

Shin splints

I believe I have had shin splints in the past. In college I had 10 minutes to get all the way across campus one day and walked so fast I was almost running. Soon after that I had pain in my shins.

According to Mayo Clinic, shin splints are caused by excessive force (overload) on the shinbone and the connective tissues that attach your muscles to the bone.

According to Scientific American, shin splints can be caused when the constant pounding and stresses placed on the bones, muscles and joints overwhelm the body’s natural ability to repair the damage and restore itself.

Since I am not a runner I rarely get shin splints.

Running, running hard, inclines, bad shoes or old shoes can be causes of shin splints.

Yesterday I noticed pain in my shins. I haven’t been running or walking a lot. According to this Livestrong article, increasing training levels too quickly can cause shin splints.

I pushed myself pretty hard in that total athletic conditioning class on Thursday night. The next day I had sore thighs and still do. Though I am thinking tomorrow the soreness will be finally gone, I hope. The pain in … Continue reading

Choosing to taking it easy

Today my goal was to not eat any bite-sized Snickers from my candy bowl at work. I was tempted many times. But every time I longingly looked at the candy I reminded myself of my goal. And I was successful. Just a little will power.

I had planned to do an hour and a half at the work gym–an hour of cardio and then weights and abs.

But all day today I have had a headache. I just couldn’t kick it. I wasn’t sure if it was a sinus headache or because I was dehydrated or something else. I drank a decent amount of water yesterday. But not as much as I normally take in.

I thought it was best to skip the gym and take it easy this evening. I exercise almost every day. So I don’t feel guilty skipping today. Every body needs to rest at times as well.

This evening I have been relaxing, watching TV, movies, cuddling with the furbaby and knitting. I haven’t knitted in some time. But I am working on a scarf for a friend who is walking the 60 miles in three days for Susan G. Komen.

I am excited about the … Continue reading

Taking it easy

I am either coming down with a cold or allergies. But I am leaning toward allergies. When I lived in Arizona my worst allergy attacks were in the summer or when I was around loose hay.

And it has been summer here lately. High 90s yesterday and today.

Regardless I am taking a break from the gym. I am a little bummed about it. But I just don’t think it is a good idea. I am already pretty tired these days and am slightly congested and have a scratchy throat.

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The body needs rest … especially mine

I came home tonight from work and the gym (Zumba) and I was just exhausted. I showered and got in my jammies.

I got on the couch and cuddled up with a blanket and started watching Three Sheets. Then Man vs. Food came on. Adam was eating some spicy stuff and I started to think I wanted to eat something. But I didn’t want anything too high in calories. So I went with zucchini “pasta” again for dinner. The Kickin’ Chicken gave it the spice I desired.

I thought about having a beer–mostly to make me more tired and the idea was (and is) to sleep better tonight. I didn’t sleep so great last night, mostly because I was working on a work project in my sleep. UGH!

But I decided against the beer and went with water. I am glad I made a better choice with my beverage. And I have to say I am getting sleepy because, well, I am tired. I was busy at work and had a headache most of the day. So my body is ready for some well-deserved rest.

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A cold needs rest

Last Friday I started getting a chest thing and a slight cough. I was in denial and told myself it was allergies. When I woke up Saturday I knew it wasn’t allergies, it was a chest cold.

I didn’t go to the gym. Instead I went to work and worked on some files. Once I came home I lounged while watching movies and knitting.

Sunday morning I felt a little crappy. Did my regular grocery shopping. Curt and ran an errand and had lunch. By the time we got home I was exhausted and took a nap. The rest of the evening was lounging, movie watching and knitting. I decided that night I wouldn’t go into work the next day.

Monday was lounging, movie watching, knitting and a little work filing. By Monday evening my chest cold became a full on cold. Tuesday was lounging, movie watching, knitting and one work call.

When I woke up Wednesday morning I was so tired. But I had to at least show up for work for a bit. I went in for about 5 hours. Then I came home and it was lounging, movie watching and knitting. (Yes, getting a little stir crazy.)

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