Opening hips, opening heart

Today in Vinyasa Yoga class we set intentions. Sometimes I set one for myself, someone I care or someone I know needs a little extra love. Today I set mine for the 9/11 victims. Generic and broad, yes. But there were so many victims on so many levels.

We focused a lot of the class today on opening the hips. We also focused on opening our hearts, which seemed appropriate for today.

We had a sub today. The class was good and tough. But a little tough to follow. Her flows were different than my regular Sunday class. I am sure the more I take Lily’s classes the better I will get.

She had us work on two poses I have never done before: tripod headstand and tortoise. Neither of which I could do fully, and barely partially. My version of tripod headstand looked more like dolphin, with my head touching the mat.

I am planning on attending the Restorative Yoga class this evening. I haven’t been in weeks. And I feel I need it and deserve it. I anticipate this week to be a little stressful with work and getting ready to travel this weekend to Tucson. … Continue reading

Hatha Yoga on Sunday morning

This morning I attended the Hatha Yoga class instead of Vinyasa because we had brunch plans with out of state friends.

Hatha isn’t as intense as my regular Sunday Vinyasa class. But it was a good class and I like the teacher. I have had her as a sub before and she teaches the Sunday Restorative Yoga class.

I do regularly practice Hatha with a  class taught by Baxter on Wednesday evenings.

Vickie had us hold Downward Dog for 5 minutes in class this morning. It felt a lot longer than that. And it was rather intense. My arms and shoulders are a little sore after doing weights yesterday in body conditioning.

And my hands kept slipping on my mat. I have a cheap mat. I have been thinking about getting a new spendy yoga mat. I need to do a little research before I make the investment.

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Yummy Restorative Yoga

Today I took two yoga classes. I took my regular Sunday morning Vinyasa class with Ashley. It was tough and sweaty–great workout.

This evening I took a Restorative class with Vickie. It was calming, relaxing and restorative.

I want to make the restorative class a more regular occurrence. It is such a relaxing and comfy class. It is a great way to get myself ready for my pending workweek.

In case you want to know what some other restorative poses are, click here.

Tonight we worked on some restorative hip openers, twists and some other very yummy poses.

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Improving yoga poses, practice

Yup, another yoga post. Who knew I could write so much about yoga?

I have been practicing yoga semi-regularly for about four years now. There are poses that I feel I have made vast improvement with and others that come more easily. And there are those that are still difficult for me to do.

Until yesterday I didn’t realize I had been doing Upward Facing Dog incorrectly this whole time. Once Kristin, my Forrest Yoga instructor, pointed it out I made the correction. And I have to say it is much more intense and difficult than it was before.

I love that I am always learning something more about the practice of yoga, myself and my capabilities. I credit this to taking a variety of yoga classes with a variety of instructors.

The classes I am regularly taking right now are Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga and Forrest Yoga. I would also like to regularly add the Restorative Yoga class as well.

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Simplicity, compassion, patience

I love Happy Hour Yoga with Ken. We do about 55 minutes of regular yoga practice and then 10-15 minutes of restorative yoga. It’s a great way to end the workweek. This week wasn’t too tough–though there were still some long hours involved. But that is getting a little better as I now have someone working with me.

As we began our yoga practice tonight during mediation Ken usually has us set an intention–which I love doing, sometimes I set my intention toward someone else and sometimes for me. When Ken was mentioning our intention he also mentioned our practice was about simplicity, compassion and passion.

What a great way to end the workweek.

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