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Brown vs. white

Years ago I switched from eating white rice, pasta and bread to eating brown rice, pasta and bread. My reason: more nutrients. And on the old Weight Watchers plan whole wheat pasta was lower in Points. On the “newer” plan the Points are the same. But (healthy) habits are hard to break. And I love […]

I love my carbs, booze

Recently at the gym I ran into one of my spin teachers one early morning. As he and I were chatting I told him I had gone to a body conditioning the night before and then was back at the gym first thing in the morning. His response, you must really like to exercise. Uh, […]

What’s for dinner?

I have to say the best 20 bucks I ever spent was on a rice cooker/vegetable steamer from Target. Tonight for dinner I pulled out an Eating Right shrimp stir fry mix from Safeway. Scroll to the bottom of the page for information on the particular stir fry I made for dinner tonight. I also […]